Is ANYONE staying home besides me?

Are you staying home?

The only places I have gone since March have been the grocery store and the drug store. I was actually getting my prescriptions delivered at first but then there was the whole pre-election slow down of the post office and after my first prescription delay, I switched back to the pharmacy. And luckily, my pharmacy has a drive up window. There was one exciting outing to Norwood, MA. But that was to two specialty grocers. So grocery stores, only smaller.

I almost forgot. The library. The library closed early on. That was tough. But then they had a limited sort of opening. You could only order books actually at your branch, no interlibrary loans. Then at your appointed time, the book(s) would be placed on a table in the entryway. Once the librarian went back inside, you would go into the entryway and pick up your already checked out and sanitized books. Don’t ask me how they sanitize books. That worked well even if you were limited, my branch is small and the selection not that great when you couldn’t get books from other branches or libraries. But it was something. Then recently, my branch was fully operational. Great excitement in my house. A flurry of new releases. Alas, last week came a dreaded email. The library is closed completely again. There are active cases amongst the staff. No word on reopening. Of course, I have close to 6000 books on my Kindle, but you wouldn’t know it with all the whining I’m doing LOL

When I go out on my grocery runs, I deal with the usual traffic jams and go by packed parking lots. PACKED. Who is staying home? A new Burlington Coat Factory just opened near me. Across the road from my grocery store as it happens. So I see its packed parking lot. I really want to go. But it is not a necessity. There is no skirt or handbag or pair of shoes I need so badly that I am willing to catch covid over. But I feel like I am the only one that feels that way.

We get takeout once a week. Either delivered or curbside pickup. I miss going out to dinner and being waited on. As soon as restaurants started allowing diners back in, everyone I know was going. Except me. I miss eating out but I have no desire for hospital meals.

And so I have to ask, “Is ANYONE staying home besides me?” Doesn’t feel like it.

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