Do you remember the old riddle, “what do you call the person who graduated dead last in his/her medical school class?”  Answer: DOCTOR!  Well, the same is true for real estate agents.  Just because someone passed a state licensing examination doesn’t mean they are qualified to handle your needs.  All agents are not the same.  Here are a few things you should look for in a qualified agent.

First, determine if he/she specializes either in your area or type of home.  Second, ask them specifically how they helped clients overcome specific problems they encountered in a past transaction.  Third, ask them specifically what they will do for you if they represent you.  They should have a step-by-step plan of action.  Fourth, ask them how long they’ve practiced real estate, and how many transactions they have under their belt.  Fifth, ask them about their marketing skills.  See, most agents are trained to handle transactions and understand the law, but few are trained in effective marketing.  A poor marketer will cost you thousands of dollars in wasted time and energy.  And finally, ask them for a reference list of past clients they’ve helped.  Call those references and ask questions about how they handled the transaction.

And if you happen to be in RI, call me at 401-595-2956. I have been in real estate since 1995 and

Ill put your house up in lights!
I'll put your house up in lights!

 Red Realty is one of the most advanced agencies in RI for marketing. We use tomorrow’s techniques today – always on the cutting edge. And here is one of the first things I will do for you – put your house up in lights! It will appear several times an hour, 24/7, on a street with a traffic count of 22,000 every day.

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