The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook

I just finished reading The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook (funny mystery) (Book #1 – The Housewife Assassin Series) by Josie Brown. How can you not give five stars to a book that starts with: “Any woman can be both the perfect housewife and an accomplished assassin, because both functions require the same qualities: creativity; a never say die attitude; and an attention to details, no matter how small…” This is so laugh out loud ridiculous, it should be a movie with Goldie Hawn as the star – okay, her daughter, what can I say, I’m old. You read it, you chuckle. Housewife/widow turned assassin to make ends meet. Amusing. But you figure you won’t finish it. Then a twist. Experienced reader you are, you know what is going to happen. BUT YOU ARE WRONG. Another twist. I loved it, can’t wait to read all her other books. Only read if you don’t take yourself and your reading too seriously. But if the idea of Lucy and Ethel bringing down the Russians during the cold war or the Desperate Housewives bringing down The Tea Party, appeal to you, then read this book.

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