AGONY OF THE LEAVES is Laura Childs thirteenth tea shop mystery and it is a good thing I finally got around to it because fourteen is due out soon. I love these books, as well as her other series, and I love the recipes in the back. Theodosia Browning is back and her Indigo Tea Shop  in Charlestown, SC is of course participating in the fundraising at the opening of Neptune Aquarium. Catering manager and master tea blender Drayton Conneley is there as well when Theo finds former boyfriend Parker Scully floating in one of the tanks. The police write it off as an accident but Theo knows it isn’t and won’t let it go until she finds who  killed Parker and there are a number of suspects from a new girlfriend to several people in the restaurant business who either wanted to go into partnership with Parker of take over his restaurant. This series is consistently good. ♥♥♥♥♥

Published by Kate Eileen Shannon

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