Well, things are getting somewhat back to normal now that I’ve got my book launched. (Not that normal and I have ever had any more than a passing acquaintance.) So I’m not going to write about every book I’ve read during the blog lull, more a list of thumbs up or down, if it’s worth getting or not worth the effort.

DEATH BY CHOCOLATE is a big thumbs up along with the rest of this series by Sally Berneathy. Gotta love a book with the line: “Men! God only put them on earth so pharmaceutical companies would have a market for Prozac and Valium”

BURIED IN A BOOK by Lucy Arlington. The thumb is trying to come up but… a bit tepid on this. I see potential as a series but two issues. Set in present day, present economy. The protagonist is over forty. Page one she gets laid off. Page two she calls a job she saw an ad for, does a five minute phone interview, page three she has a new job. Nope. Not even in a fairy tale. And the romance is very contrived and forced. I’d need to read future installments to really endorse. However, Currently reading her other series as Ellery Adams (well she’s half of Lucy Arlington). Liked the Charmed Pie Shoppe Mysteries and loving the Books by The Bay Mysteries, one more to go with that. And I have a stack here of all the ones written as J. B. Stanley but before those I will take a break to read CHOCOLATE FONDUE a new release by my friend Martha Reynolds.

GRANNY HEIST by Juliet Dillon Clark is a thumbs down, I’m afraid. If it is sitting on your Kindle because you picked it up on a free day, read it. But I wouldn’t run out and buy it. It’s a great story, three story lines, but it needs a copy editor. Badly.

DIAL C FOR CHIHUAHUA by Waverly Curtis gets a big thumbs up. Laugh out loud funny. There is a talking dog so if that turns you off… Me? I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

BOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING & BOOK, LINE AND SINKER by Jenn McKinlay get a big thumbs up. I also read all the books in her Cupcake Bakery  Mystery Series this past week and loved them. Lookng forward to her other series written as Lucy Lawrence and Josie Belle.

PUSHING UP PURPLE DAISIES by Chantall Van Wey is another big thumbs up with a senior protagonist.

And another thumbs up for WHAT WOULD NANCY DO? By Maureen Mullis. Gotta love that title.

I thought SAINTS PRESERVE US would be preachy and I almost didn’t read it but thumbs up for this book by L. K. Ellwood and I just noticed, it is FREE today (4/3).

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