I said before I completed my Ellery Adams read-a-thon, I was going to have to read two other books first. Yeah. That didn’t happen. I picked up the first book in the Supper Club series and I didn’t put it down until I had finished the last.

Thoroughly enjoyed this series. James Henry is theoretically the main character, but really the five members of the supper club are an ensemble cast. They are five overweight people who start a weight loss program together and become best friends. They call themselves the Flab Five.  The supper club part comes from the fact they meet once a week for a healthy, calorie restricted dinner. The weight loss is wildly successful for one of the five, Lucy. She has the biggest incentive, making it into the police academy. For the rest of them, it is an up and down thing – like for so many of us – but the one area they succeed at all the time is their crime solving. With the dieting they start with low carb and end with hypnotherapy and in between they try exercise and a few other things. There is a growing friendship as you go through the series and frankly, the stories would be great even if you took the murders out. But we don’t want that!

Considering how prolific Ms. Adams is, I’m surprised there hasn’t been another in this series since 2010. I do hope she continues it. However, if she doesn’t, the end of Black Beans and Vice does tie everything up in a way that would be a fitting way to end the series. I highly recommend this series and you should get all six and read one right after the other, as I did, because this is a ♥♥♥♥♥ series.

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