I am going to start a new occasional feature on the blog, Author Interviews. And to start it off, I have Martha Reynolds, the author of CHOCOLATE FOR BREAKFAST and the newly released CHOCOLATE FONDUE as a guest today. Martha writes what she calls “Real True Fiction”. I like the sound of that!

I thought we would start with a couple of questions about your writing process, Martha. Do you have a routine you follow daily?

I try to write every day. Because writing is my full-time job, I usually can write from nine to noon each morning. I do make an effort to get up from the computer each hour, and at noon, I walk around the block a couple of times to clear my head.

How do you keep yourself motivated to write?

I only began writing two years ago, and there are a lot of stories in my head! My primary motivation is that this is my job. This is what I do, and my only income is from selling books. But I really don’t need motivation; I’m doing what I love.

What do you like to do to balance the demands writing places on you?

With the winter finally behind us, I’m walking more. Sometimes it’s just a stroll down the street, but writing is so sedentary, I need to get up. I love to read, and watch movies. We live in New England, so the ocean and the mountains are never far away.

When you aren’t writing, what do you like to read?

I read mostly fiction, and enjoy stories with a strong female character. Biographies if they’re interesting, and pretty much anything else (mystery, romance, literary).

Is there anything else you’d like the reader to know about you?

I’m living proof that it’s never too late to pursue a dream. Although I achieved a lot of professional success in my career as a fraud investigator, I always wanted to write books. Now I’m doing that. And while I’m happy to sell a lot of books, it’s more important to me that I’ve provided the reader with a well-written, moving story.

Thank you so much for your time, Martha. 

I have read both of Martha’s books and thoroughly enjoyed them and I am sure you will too.

CHOCOLATE FOR BREAKFAST Young Bernie (Bernadette) Maguire is in for the journey of a lifetime when her junior year abroad takes her to Fribourg, Switzerland. Ripe for love and adventure, she is seduced by a handsome Swiss banker, but is horrified when she discovers she’s pregnant. Protected and befriended by those who help to keep her secret for as long as possible, this moving rite-of-passage tale will warm the heart as a young woman struggles with an all-too-familiar dilemma. Yet after an unexpected death and the discovery of her pregnancy by a classmate, Bernie’s life takes some unexpected turns that will take decades to resolve.VOTED 2012 WOMEN’S FICTION BOOK OF THE YEAR by Turning the Pages Books!

CHOCOLATE FONDUE Twenty-three years ago, Bernadette Maguire delivered a son and never saw him again. She knew that giving him up for adoption was the right decision, but the past twenty years of her life had been filled with regrets and bad decisions. Back in Switzerland for vacation, Bernie is stunned when she comes face to face with her son. Now, she must decide whether to reveal herself to him and hope for a connection, or say nothing and leave the young man to live his life. The matter is complicated by a hotel employee who discovers the truth, and who intends to get in the way of Bernie’s plans.

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  1. Nice interview, Martha! Looking forward to Chocolate Fondue–just ordered it on Amazon–it’s my lake read!


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