salems sightI have Lyn Stanzione, a fellow Rhode Islander and the author of a trilogy about a sixteen year old psychic as a guest today. 

Lyn, how do you juggle teaching full time, having two teenagers, and writing? 

 I don’t juggle very well. I always feel like I’m dropping balls. Finding time to write is one of my biggest challenges. 

How do you keep yourself motivated to write? 

I belong to RIRW (Rhode Island Romance Writers) and the speakers at the monthly meetings are very motivating. Being with other writers and listening to topics focused on the craft of writing are always a shot in the arm. 

What do you like to do to balance the demands life and writing placed on you? salems sacrifice

There are certain places – Salem and Rockport Massachusetts and Newport, RI come to mind that bring me to that zen like state that I need to put everything else in perspective. Relaxation by the water is all I need to balance the hurry-hurry tick-tick which seems to try to rule my life. 

When you aren’t writing, what do you like to read? 

I’m moody. I tend to read in chunks. Some months it’s all about the romance and otherswell, when I’m stressed I’ll knock out a bunch of murder mysteries. When I really need to escape I go for the historicals. Since I teach I often will read YA’s just so I can relate more to my students. It’s easy to forget how deeply they feel about things. Of course, YA, romance, or mystery, when you add paranormal I’m really happy.

salems searchTell us a bit about Salem Cabot and the Salem Trilogy. Or wait – is it a trilogy or will there be more about Salem? 

At this point it is only a trilogy, but I did leave a thread that I could go back and pursue if I wanted to. I took one of the most important things to a teen – driving – and turned it around. Salem has survivor’s guilt after a car accident that killed her father. To make matters worse the head injury she incurred in the accident has left her psychic. As much as others might find it cool, it terrifies Salem and makes it impossible to get any kind of ‘normal’ back.

Is there anything else you’d like the reader to know about you? 

I love hearing from readers and I promise to email back! 

Thank you so much for your time, Lyn. I want to mention that Lyn is also an outstanding book cover designer, as if she doesn’t already have enough on her plate. If you ever need a cover, check out Stanz Alone Design. And here are some links to find Lyn: 



Salem’s Sight

Salem’s Sacrifice

Salem’s Search

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