DESIRED TO DEATH (The Empty Nest Can Be Murder)

Desired to Death (The Empty Nest Can Be Murder) was a book I picked up for Kindle when it was having a free day. Maggie True was a happy stay at home mom who did a bit of writing along with keeping the home for pilot husband Joe, kids Jessie and Hank, and their lab Smythe in Halfway Bay, Maine. So things were great until both the kids are away at college, Joe is always jetting off to places like London, and Maggie is left with no one for company but Smythe. When former friend Cara calls Maggie from jail, where she is being held for the murder of her toy boy, Maggie decides to investigate because despite the ended friendship and Cara’s affairs, Maggie thinks she is innocent. And of course because Maggie is bored. This is just a hair darker than a cozy. A lot of discussion about the sex lives of certain characters and Maggie gets in slightly more serious situations than usually madcap cozy heroines. But it doesn’t cross the line over into thriller either in the situations or length. The writing is good and you will be kept guessing whodunit. A pretty impressive first novel and it is going to be a series so I will be sure to look for the next book. ♥♥♥♥
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Desired to Death (The Empty Nest Can Be Murder) Just ask stay-at-home mom Maggie True whose daughter has just left for college—leaving Maggie with a burning question for her husband Joe: “Now what am I going to do with the rest of my life?”

Never in her wildest dreams does small-town Maggie imagine the answer will come in the form of a middle-of-the-night call for help from an estranged friend who has just been arrested for the lurid murder of a much-younger lover: A.J. Traverso, AKA Tattoo Boy—a sexy kickboxing instructor who had captured the fancy of all the women in Halfway Bay, Maine.

But solving this mystery will be no walk in the dog park. For below the surface of her sleepy coastal town, resides a dark world of secret lusts and desires that Maggie has never imagined. And when an anonymous tip to the police suggests that happily-married Maggie was involved with A.J. Traverso, the investigation becomes more than just a curiosity. For Maggie True, the solution to the mystery of what to do with the rest of her life—and the identity of the cold-blooded killer—might be closer than she thinks…

ABOUT THE AUTHORjulia munroe martin

J.M. Maison was born in Déols, France, and now lives with her husband on the southern coast of Maine. She worked at home as a writer and SAHM** while her children (now college graduates) were growing up. She first thought of The Empty Nest mystery series when her son left for college, almost nine years ago. Maggie True was born then, but it took another seven years for J.M. to come up with the best story to showcase Maggie’s talents as an amateur sleuth.

Something you might not know . . . J.M. Maison is the pen name of writer Julia Munroe Martin.

** I had to look this up. So in case you are clueless like me, it means stay at home mom.



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