And The Winner Is…. ME!!!

spirit shapesI have been a fan of Marilyn Meredith’s Tempe Crabtree series for quite some time now. About a month ago she started a tour for her latest book, SPIRIT SHAPES. Marilyn is very interesting and I kept following the tour. At first just because it was interesting but then because there was a contest. I quickly realized there were people following because they wanted to win the contest. I also quickly realized they may want it but they certainly weren’t very determined or dedicated. I have never been short on determination. So I went back to the first couple of stops on the tour that I hadn’t seen and made comments. Then every day I stopped at the blog Marilyn was on. I won and Marilyn blogged about it yesterday. Be sure to check out SPIRIT SHAPES and Marilyn’s Blog.



And The Winner Is….

My blog tour for Spirit Shapes is over–and frankly, I’m happy to have some free time from promoting blogs.

Well, more free time though I’m still guesting on a couple more blogs this month, but it will be a lot less pressure.

If you followed the tour at all, you know I offered a prize to the person who commented on the most blogs. The prize being having a character named after the winner….

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