A SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT by Anna Loan Wilsey, a new tour and a giveaway!

Anna Loan Wilsey lives in a Victorian farmhouse in the Iowa countryside with her husband, a four year old daughter and her old yellow dog.  She was born and raised in Syracuse, NY and has lived in Finland, Canada and Texas. Anna has a BA in Biology from Wells College in Aurora, NY and an MLIS from McGill University in Montreal.  She’s a biologist, librarian, information specialist and now with the Hattie Davish Mysteries Series, a novelist.  A Lack of Temperance, her first novel and first in the Hattie Davish Mysteries series, was the #1 bestselling historical mystery on She is a member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime. A Sense of Entitlement, the third in the series, is now out and Anna is here starting her tour with Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours. Be sure and leave a comment below for a chance to win a print copy of A SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT (US and Canada only) and for a chance to win a set of autographed copies of the entire series, go HERE. And now, welcome Anna.

You have had Hattie travel to the Ozarks, Illinois, and now Newport, RI. How do you research all these places? Travel to each location for research could get quite costly I would imagine.

Although there is cost involved, I feel it is vital to the book to visit each location.  Not only do I get a sense of the place: the sites, the smells, the distances from one landmark to the next, the climate, the flora, etc. but local libraries and universities have resources not available anywhere else.  I often spend more time in a basement archive scanning historical newspapers on microfilm as I do taking photographs of places I might want to reference in the book.  But as you say cost is a factor, as is time, so I often only visit once for a few days.  Luckily once I’m home, I can use Interlibrary Loan or the internet to access additional resources I need.

Do you have a connection to Newport?

No, I actually don’t.  I grew up in New York State and therefore always knew about the “cottages” but had never visited until quite recently.  For A SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT, I had planned to use a town that set Hattie among the richest Americans of her day.  I couldn’t find a better location than Newport.

Many cozy mysteries are set in fictional places. Setting yours the way you do adds a lot of work. Different yet real locations to get right each time plus the historical accuracy. Why do you think it is that important to the stories?

You’re right that it’s a lot of work!  But to me it is part of what makes writing the stories fun.  When I began the series, I decided not only to “write what I knew” but also to write what I love.  I love history.  I love research.  I love travel.  To set each book in a different yet real location allowed me to indulge in my own passions.  But as to why it is important, ultimately I think by taking many of my plotlines from true stories I uncover during my research of real towns the series stays fresh.  Readers enjoy being immersed in the history and the fun of discovering (or rediscovering) a new place and new characters with each book.    

A female private, and travelling, secretary in the 1890’s – would that have been common or rare? How did you come up with the idea?

Private secretaries in the 1890’s where common and some of them did have to travel occasionally to find work.  The vast majority of these were men. Women worked as secretaries in industry and businesses and not necessarily for individuals.  There were female private secretaries at the time, many of them working as social secretaries (as Hattie does in A Sense of Entitlement) and most had long term employment with one employer.  Hattie, as someone who has short-term assignments wherever she can find the work, would’ve been rare. When I was developing Hattie’s character, knowing she would be supporting herself, I considered which occupations were suitable and available to women in the late 19th century-teacher, nurse, librarian…  But I also wanted her to be able to travel to different places.  When I discovered that “lady typewriters” were becoming common during this time, I knew this was a job Hattie could do anywhere.

Where will Hattie be going in the next book and when can we expect to find it on the shelves?

In the next book Hattie will be going home to St. Joseph, Missouri, a once bustling western gateway city on the Missouri River, which was the birthplace of the Pony Express, site of Jesse James’ violent death and home to State Lunatic Asylum #2.   I have my first draft completed and hope to see on the bookshelves by next summer.

Now three things I ask everyone that have nothing to do with writing:

  • What is your favorite food?  I love tomatoes and anything made with them!
  • What is your favorite TV show? I couldn’t possibly name one because I love anything historical produced by the BBC.  
  • What is your favorite music? I love pop, jazz, classical and show tunes.  If I had to pick one song, it would be Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus.  If I could pick two, I’d add, I Will by Lennon and McCartney.

Please tell us about Hank, Billy, Bob and Jethro.  

Just thinking about them makes me laugh.  Hank, Billy, Bob and Jethro were Rhesus monkeys I had the pleasure to know and work with when I was a research technician in an animal behavior lab, my first job out of college.  They were playful, clever and mischievous. Every day the gang, especially Billy and Bob, would prove the adage, “monkey see, monkey do,” often to my chagrin!  Hank was my closest buddy but it was Jethro that would let me groom him.  

I’ve enjoyed having you here today, Anna. Before you go, is there anything else you would like to tell your readers?

Thank you so much for having me.  I would like to say thank you to your readers as well, for without them, I wouldn’t get to do what I love.  I’d also love to hear from them.  So if they have any comments, questions, suggestions for new towns for Hattie to visit, etc. to please let me know.  Connecting with all of you is another part of what makes writing cozy mysteries special.  Thanks again!


Traveling secretary and dilettante detective Hattie Davish is bringing her talents to a small New England town whose wealthy residents have more secrets than they do money. . .

When Hattie Davish’s job takes her to Newport, Rhode Island, she welcomes the opportunity for a semi-vacation, and perhaps even a summer romance. But her hopes for relaxation are dashed when she learns that members of the local labor unions are at odds with Newport’s gentry. Amidst flaring tensions, an explosion rocks the wharf. In the ensuing turmoil, Mr. Harland Whitwell, one of Newport’s most eminent citizens, is found stabbed to death, his hands clutching a strike pamphlet. All signs point to a vengeful union member bent on taking down the aristocracy, but Hattie starts digging and finds a few skeletons in the closets of the impeccable Whitwell mansion. As she strikes down the whispers spilling out of Newport’s rumor mill, she’ll uncover a truth more scandalous than anyone imagined–and a killer with a rapacious sense of entitlement. . .


I found the book to be a bit slow, at first, for my taste but I did enjoy it despite that. I chose to read it because of the Newport setting (and I am living in RI, a short hop over the bridge from Newport) but other than a few names of Newport streets, it really could have been anywhere. The first quarter of the book has you (and Hattie) thinking one thing is possible (I don’t want to say too much) but then you are off into another direction and at that point it does pick up. I am interested enough to go back and read the first books in the series, I like the whole concept of a single woman finding this way to travel and have adventures back in the day. And I learned something – living here in RI and I did not even know Benedict Arnold (great-grandfather of the one you are thinking of) was the first governor of the colony of Rhode Island. For me, this one was a ♥♥♥½


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MURDER IS ACADEMIC by Lesley A. Diehl (and a giveaway!)

lesleyLesley A. Diehl used to be a professor of psychology and university administrator, but when she retired, something more enticing called to her—murder. Raised on a farm in Illinois, Lesley now lives in a small cottage in the Butternut River Valley in upstate New York and in the winter she migrates to rural Florida. While she spends a lot of her time writing, she is not always bent over her computer – she gardens, cooks and is renovating her 1874 cottage with the help of her husband, two cats and her resident ghost, Fred, who gives artistic direction to the work.  Lesley is the author of several short stories and a number of mystery series including the microbrewing series (A Deadly Draught; Poisoned Pairings), a rural Florida mystery series (Dumpster Dying; Grilled, Chilled and Killed),and  A Secondhand Murder, the first in The Eve Appel mystery series.  I am thrilled to have Lesley here today with a guest post and be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win a Kindle copy of MURDER IS ACADEMIC. Welcome, Lesley.

Murder Is Academic: Yup, it’s based upon my career a college professor

Lesley A. Diehl

 Readers sometimes ask me where I get my ideas from.  For some of my books the ideas arise out of situations I encounter.  My microbrewing series came about when I toured a local microbrewery where our guide took us past a  room with an open fermenting tank and informed us we couldn’t go in there because the yeast gave off carbon dioxide.  My response to this information was to ask, “Could you kill someone in there?”  And then I went on to write a scene where one of the workers was locked in just such a room.  He survived, but I’d already killed someone else in the beginning of the book.  For my books set in rural Florida, alligators, cowboys, swamps and hurricanes define the area, so my protagonists must deal with all these, whether it’s doing a two-step with a handsome cowboy in a local bar or encountering an alligator on a picnic.

Murder Is Academic is based upon my career experiences (the first one, before I became a writer).  I was a professor of psychology for over twenty-five years and retired early to move with my husband to New Mexico.  I missed being with students.  I do believe they kept me young, and life surrounded by them is never dull.  The book features a protagonist, Dr. Laura Murphy, who is very like me back when I juggled classroom instruction with research.  She is dedicated to her teaching and to her research, which, like me, she accomplishes in collaboration with her students.  And then, of course, murder and a bit of passion enter the picture.  Laura falls for a road construction worker who rides a motorcycle.  What could be further from her experience? Far from her world, yes, but since my hubby also rides, I understand the lure of the road on a bike. Laura is not me, however.  She is younger, prettier, more adventuresome, nosier, more passionate about everything and filled with a know-it-all attitude that will be challenged as she tries to help her detective friend solve the murder of her college’s president.

Some readers may say I am too tough on college administrators (hey, I only killed one of them in my book!), but I have been one myself, so I know what the life of a dean or a vice president is like.  And, to be fair, I don’t only kill off the president in the book, I take out faculty too.  This is an equal opportunity murder mystery.

It would be unfair to say I dislike administrators in general.  I’ve met some quite competent ones, people I’d never think of killing in real life or in a book, people who are dedicated to their work and suffer with dignity the incompetence of their bosses.  Administrators have bosses.  Faculty have department chairs, who can be ignored most of the time and who, if they identify with administrators are seen as traitors and spies by the faculty, but if they identify with faculty are seen as incompetent and untrustworthy by administrators.  Not always is this true, but often enough that the chasm between the two reminds me of what’s happening in our congress.  If I seem conflicted on the issue of who’s the good or bad guy, the faulty or the administration, it’s because I can see both sides.  And I created Laura to see both sides also.  That’s often what gets her into hot water.  It’s within this political microcosm that murder is committed, not once but twice.  Laura is just the gal to find the killerat some danger to herself.

If it sounds like I’m happy to be out of academe, that’s only partially true also.  I still have dreams of being in the classroom, delivering a lecture on some topic in developmental psychology.  And the lecture is one of my best!  Of course, I also have dreams about my department chair castigating me for failing to show up for my class the entire semester.  That’s a stress dream if ever there was one, and something I never did.

I am happy to be writing about my former career in academe.  I think  it’s a particularly rich area and makes a fine setting for a murder especially if you have someone as nosy and savvy as Laura to track down the killer.


Murder Is Academic
(Laura Murphy Mystery Series)

by Lesley A. Diehl

File Size: 1626 KB
Print Length: 223 pages
Publisher: Lesley A. Diehl (March 29, 2014)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Laura Murphy, psychology professor, thinks there’s nothing she likes better than coffee and donuts on a summer morning until she says yes to dinner with a Canadian biker and finds herself and her date suspects in the murder of her college’s president. Laura’s friend, the detective assigned the case, asks her to help him find out who on the small upstate New York college campus may be a killer.  The murder appears to be wrapped up in some unsavory happenings on the lake where Laura lives.  A fish kill and raw sewage seeping into the water along with the apparent drowning suicide of a faculty member complicate the hunt for the killer.  And then things become personal.  The killer makes a threatening phone call to Laura. With a tornado bearing down on the area and the killer intent upon silencing her, Laura’s sleuthing work may come too late to save her and her biker from a watery grave.


I enjoyed the book. Quite a bit of academic politics as a disliked college president is murdered. I felt I could have known the main characters better. The book is a first in a series but it feels as if it was further on (which is a complement, actually) – I looked to see if there were any earlier I could read because I felt I was missing the usual ‘learning curve’, for lack of a better term, in getting to know the characters. Laura Murphy is a somewhat flawed protagonist for a cozy, she sleeps with a total stranger on the first date. And the detective friend is somewhat unusual in that he actually encourages Laura’s snooping – although he does seem to regret that later on. Well written, will keep you guessing, I will look forward to further installments in this series. And while it is not something I usually comment on – I really, really did not like the cover which would have been more suited to a much lighter, much more humorous type of cozy. ♥♥♥♥




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DAYS OF WINE AND ROQUEFORT by Avery Aames and a fantastic giveaway!!!




DARYL WOOD GERBER aka AVERY AAMES.  As Daryl, she writes the nationally bestselling Cookbook Nook Mystery series. As AVERY, she pens the Agatha Award-winning, nationally bestselling Cheese Shop Mystery series. Daryl’s short stories have been nominated for the Agatha, Anthony, and other awards. Fun tidbit: as an actress, Daryl has appeared in “Murder, She Wrote” and more. Visit Daryl aka Avery at Check out recipes on her blog and friend her on Facebook. Don’t forget to enter today’s contest.  The prize is 4 (yes 4!!!) Cheese Shop Mysteries and the first Cookbook Nook Mystery. To enter, first comment below then go HERE. Now join me in welcoming Avery (or Daryl??).

aa-dwg_portrait_rbI was going to say welcome to Providence, Ohio from Providence, Rhode Island but then I found out yours isn’t real! LOL… Having been an actress you are used to playing many characters so this may not be as much a problem for you as others, but do you ever get confused writing under two names? Autograph a book wrong or just forget who you are supposed to be?

LOL. Yes, I have. I did sign the wrong name one time. It was just as the new Cookbook Nook series took off. I was so used to writing Avery for the Cheese Shop mysteries, and oops! I was also talking at the time. Bad me. So I have to stop talking in order to write. It must be a brain to mouth to hand glitch, right?  However, I have never made a mistake regarding answering to either name. I seem to have a multiple personality when it comes to that

I realize artistic people are frequently talented in multiple fields but actress and writer – have you ever worked in a steady nine to five with a weekly paycheck (or wanted to) and what job was it?

I did work as a legal secretary for a couple of firms, including a personal injury firm and a golf company that did real estate. I also sold real estate, ran a restaurant, catered parties, and typed screenplays for authors.  The 9 to 5 thing really didn’t work for me. I like structure that I create for myself, and I like to be my own boss. No question about that!

Interesting. I too was a legal secretary and a Realtor®. I have also read your previous Cheese Shop Mysteries and love them. Why a cheese shop? Are you something of a cheese expert or do you, like me, just love cheese?

When I started the Cheese Shop Mysteries, I was not a cheese expert. I’m still not. But I have tasted over 3,000 cheeses by now, and I have an excellent cheese maven who helps me with tweaking my selections. Also, I’m a good researcher. J  And I am a cook. I have been all my life.  I love food. I blog on Mystery Lovers Kitchen with other mystery authors who love to cook up crime. We put up recipes every day! By the way, DAYS OF WINE AND ROQUEFORT also features wine. I’ve made it a point to do my research in that regard, too. Lucky me!

Do you know what is coming after DAYS OF WINE AND ROQUEFORT and can you share it with us?

Next up in March is the 2nd in  the Cookbook Nook Mysteries: INHERIT THE WORD. This book features a grilled cheese contest! After that, there’s the 3rd in that series coming out in October: STIRRING THE PLOT. (There’s a witch theme, but it is by no means paranormal.) And then next February, the 6th in the Cheese Shop Mysteries debuts: AS GOUDA AS DEAD. I just finished writing that book, and I’m thrilled with it.

What do you like to do to balance the demands writing places on you?

When I’m not writing, I like to cook, do photography, swim, golf, and play with my dog. My husband and I are doing a bit more travel, too. We both like to golf, and we both like to read. It makes for very pleasant vacations!

Now three things that have nothing to do with writing:

  • What is your favorite food?  Ice cream. Then cheese. Then fruit. Then…
  • What is your favorite TV show? Revenge. I apologize. I know it’s a soap opera, but I’ve been sucked into it. I love the lead character. I feel the pain of her father’s loss. I’ve lost my own.
  • What is your favorite music? I love music I can sing, so I’m always looking for strong female vocals. I enjoy Broadway music, classical music. And right now, while writing my latest book, I’ve been listening to Latin music. I find inspiration from it all.

Thank you so much for being here today, Avery aka Daryl. Is there anything else you would like to tell the readers before you go?

Remember to sign up for my newsletter so you’re involved in all the upcoming contests. I include recipes in all of them, too. And stop by Mystery Lovers Kitchen for giveaways through the month of February!


Cheese Shop owner Charlotte Bessette’s life seems quieter than ever with her fiancé out of town and her cousin Matthew and his children out of the house. But before she can put up her feet and enjoy a glass of chardonnay, Matthew asks her to play host to Noelle Adams, a bright sommelier visiting to help grow business for the local winery.

An affable wine aficionado, Noelle is paired well with the cheese expert Charlotte–but something seems to be troubling the secretive houseguest, and Charlotte’s life is upended when she finds the sparkling woman dead. Between Noelle’s hotheaded ex, the cagey owners of the winery, its jaded manager, and a wily reporter, Charlotte has her pick of suspects, but she needs to act fast–this is a mystery that only gets more dangerous with age.



I was already a fan of this series and that hasn’t changed with DAYS OF WINE AND ROQUEFORT. Well drawn characters that you want to revisit and catch up with. A tightly written mystery that will keep you guessing right up until the end. I highly recommend you add this to your TBR list and if this is a new cozy series for you, go right back to the first one and get caught up! I can’t wait for the next in the series because this was definitely a ♥♥♥♥♥

LINKS (for both Avery & Daryl



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A TALE OF TWO BIDDIES by Kylie Logan and a giveaway!

biddies Casey-for-MarconKylie Logan has loved mysteries since she was a kid. Her dad was a Cleveland Police detective and he introduced her to Sherlock Holmes stories and gave her investigating experience when on his days off, they’d pile into the car and hit the streets to look for stolen cars.  When he retired from the force, Dad became head of security for the Cleveland Public Library. Crooks and books! Kylie comes by her love of mysteries honestly.

Kylie began her career writing historical romance and her book, “Devil’s Diamond,” was nominated for a RITA award as historical romance of the year by Romance Writers of America.  She’s also written contemporary romance (as Connie Lane), young adult horror (as Zoe Daniels and Connie Laux) and she writes the popular Pepper Martin mysteries as Casey Daniels.

Kylie is currently writing three different mystery series: the Button Box mysteries (newest book is “Panic Button”), the League of Literary Ladies mysteries (“Mayhem at the Orient Express”) and now, the Chili Cook-Off mysteries.  With all that on her plate, I am thrilled Kylie found the time to stop here on her tour with Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours and write a guest post for us. Be sure to leave a comment and an email to contact you to be eligible to win a copy of the ebook.  Welcome Kylie.

Chicken and Egg: It’s a Classic!

By Kylie Logan


It’s the old chicken and egg conundrum:

Which came first, the degree in English that required me to read classic books?

Or my love of classic books that resulted in my pursuing a degree in English?

I don’t have the answer, but I do know that as a once-upon-a-time English major, the classics have always been a big part of my life. Give me Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters for romance, Anthony Hope and Rafael Sabatini for swashbuckling, and of course the greats, Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie, for mystery.

In fact, it is Christie along with those early memories of reading about Sherlock Holmes that made me want to write mysteries. There are wonderful, twisty/turny plots inside the covers of those books, clever detection, devious villains and clues that are sometimes hidden in plain sight.

But a series of mysteries based on classic books?

That idea didn’t come along until I’d already written five of the Cooking Class mysteries (as Miranda Bliss), nine of the Pepper Martin mysteries (as Casey Daniels) and the first three books of my Button Box mystery series.

Mysteries based on classic books . . . I liked the idea, but as always, the mechanics needed to be taken care of first.

I decided on a setting: South Bass Island, the Key West of Lake Erie.

And a group of characters: feuding neighbors, including my main character and sleuth, Bea Cartwright, a transplanted New Yorker who is searching for her bliss by running an upscale B&B on the island.

And a way to bring them together: a book discussion group that’s mandated by the local magistrate as a way to make the women get to know each other better.

The first book in the League of Literary Ladies mysteries was “Mayhem at the Orient Express,” my tribute to the Christie classic. And now, book #2 is making its appearance. It’s called “A Tale of Two Biddies.” Yes, the Ladies are reading that classic!

It’s only natural. Charles Dickens’s “A Tale of Two Cities” is a story about the French Revolution, and on South Bass Island, they’re celebrating Bastille Day with a week-long party. There’s a concert scheduled from a rock band called Guillotine, a Charles Dickens look-alike and trivia contest, and of course, there’s murder.

When the island nobody is killed, Bea and her fellow Literary Ladies spring into action. They discover that, like in the Dickens classic, not everyone is who or what they appear to be. There are secrets galore, even on an island that’s only 4-miles long!

I’m having fun with the League of Literary Ladies, and I hope you will, too. There’s a world of classics out there for me to turn on their heads. Classic books and murder–it’s this former English major’s dream come true!

biddies coverBLURB

Summer can be the best of times or the worst of times for the resort town of Put-in-Bay on Lake Erie. For Bea Cartwright, business is booming as guests storm her B and B for the Bastille Day celebration. In honor of the holiday, the League of Literary Ladies is reading the Charles Dickens’ classic, A Tale of Two Cities. It would be hard to make a more apropos selection—especially when they have their very own Defarge sisters, elderly twins Margaret and Alice, who run the local knitting shop.

On Bastille Day, the head-banging rock band Guillotine shows their chops for the tourists—but the celebration is soon cut short. With something needling the Defarge dowagers and secrets that lead to murder, solving this mystery will be a far, far better thing than the Literary Ladies have done before. They’ll just have to make sure to keep their heads while they try to stop a killer’s reign of terror…


Let’s face it, she had me at the title! The League of Literary Ladies is a group of four squabbling neighbors; Bea, Chandra, Kate and Luella; who were sentenced by a judge to  year of book club. Interesting sentence. The town is celebrating Bastille Day which includes a group of Dickens impersonators. It is a really fun read and the ending is a big surprise. There is also a bit of a cliff hanger in the romance department. There were references to a secret of Bea’s (wealth I suspect) and a previous case which I don’t know if would have been clearer if I had read the first book, MAYHEM AT THE ORIENT EXPRESS. Okay, it would have told me about the first case but who knows about the secret – maybe that is coming out in a later book. I just really wanted an excuse to go back and read the first book because this one was ♥♥♥♥♥ 




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PASSAGE OF CRIME and a giveaway too!

London_Pub_SqrR. Michael Phillips is a classically trained artist who has been painting for over 25 years. By combining his creative talents with a passion for London he conceived the fictional world of the East London Adventurers Club, home to The Ernie Bisquets Mystery Series. Three books in the series are complete and there are plans for at least five additional books following The Adventurers of London’s most remarkable pickpocket. Michael is a proud member of the Crime Writer’s Association and Mystery Writers Of America. I will be reviewing the third book in the series, PASSAGE OF CRIME, and Michael is giving away a hardback, signed copy so be sure to 1) leave a comment below and 2) go HERE. Michael is here today, on tour with Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours, to tell us to finish the book! Welcome, Michael.

Finish the book!

By: R. Michael Phillips

Get Published Today!

Getting an Agent in 5 Easy Steps!

Publishers are Looking for Your Manuscript!

Get Your Book Noticed!

We’ve all seen these promotions. One after another, promising a clear, step-by-step way to becoming the next Dan Brown or Mary Higgins Clark. Believe me, it’s not that easy. If it were, we would all be best selling authors. As it is, we’re not, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have it in us to beat the odds and go for it.

Ask any author at a book signing what it took to get where they are now and I’m sure their journey started with hard work and disappointment. You’ll hear stories about how many times their first book was rejected, how editors cringed when they saw their 9th draft, how many times they had to go back to the beginning and revamp the plot, etc., etc.

Now I know this seems the opposite of an uplifting, if-you-write-it-they-will-read, never give up, blog post from one writer to another, but give me a few more minutes of your time and I’ll get to the good stuff. I’ll get back to those four promotions I mentioned at the beginning of this, but before I do that there are three minor steps you need to follow first.

Step 1. Finish the book. Until it’s down on paper (and when I say paper I mean in some type of digital form saved on your computer) in a form that can be read, an idea for a book is nothing more than a fleeting flight of fancy. You can talk about it all you want, but until it’s on paper it’s not a book.

Step 2. Finish the book. You dotted the last “i” and crossed the last “t” in what will surely be the next great American novel. You sit back in your chair, finish the last sips of the cold coffee you poured six hours ago, and say to yourself, “it’s done.” Right? You couldn’t be more wrong. All you’ve done is finished the first draft. That was the easy part. If at some point between step 1 and step 2 you felt the urge to take a creative writing class, or an intensive workshop on sentence structure, I applaud your dedication to doing things right. There’s a reason you enjoy the books you read, and that enjoyment can be explained in a class or two about writing. It’s well worth the investment.

Step 3. And now the most important step–FINISH THE BOOK! Go get another cup of coffee and start back at the beginning, turning your mass jumble of strung together sentences into a presentable story. When this is done move onto the editing process. You’ll need help here–a good copy editor and beta readers. This is where we separate the writers from the authors. You probably won’t like most of what they have to tell you, but its necessary. If you want to hear how wonderful your book is, show it to your mother. If you want a book that can capture the attention of an agent, a book people will want to read and enjoy, get the guidance of a good editor and beta readers first. After these people are satisfied, you can safely say you’ve finished the book.

Now, about those four come-ons listed above. These are certainly an option now that the book is finished, but not in the ways you think. So, lets look at them from a new perspective.

1. Get Published Today! Since the advent of POD this is certainly more of an option than it has ever been. Amazon, Lulu, and the list goes on. If you’re able to set your book up into their templates, you can have your book for sale almost immediately with no cost to you. If not, they provide services at set prices. Just be cautious about who your paying, what you’re getting for it, and what rights (if any) you’re giving up.

2. Getting an Agent in 5 Easy Steps! This one is a little trickier. If you followed the first 3 steps listed above you’re partway there. Before proceeding, do your research. Find agencies/agents that specialize in your genre. Sending it anywhere else is just a waste of time. Then, on to Step 4. This would be to draft an incredibly creative, this is amazing, I can’t wait to read the whole manuscript, query letter. Even though this is a three-paragraph document, don’t expect to do this in one sitting. You have one shot at capturing an agent’s attention, make it count. There are great resources on the web (some free others not so much) for crafting compelling queries, so I won’t go into it here. This is a post for another day. Step 5: start querying. It’s best to keep a log of the queries you’ve sent. Expect rejections, its part of the process. To keep your mind off the responses, get started on your next book. There’s a chance the first one won’t see the light of day, so you’re second effort will have to pick up the charge and press forward. You can always return to the first later.

3. Publishers are Looking for Your Manuscript! This is very true, but once again you need to have a finished manuscript at hand before venturing down that road. Small independent presses have popped up all over. You can usually contact them directly with a query/synopsis. Do your research, find a publisher specializing in your genre and have at it. Remember though–expect rejections. If you’re looking more toward the large, mainstream publishers you’ll need an agent–see #2 above.

4. Get Your Book Noticed! This is something you need to do no matter what. Get the public interested as early as possible.  Before querying, have a website/blog to get the buzz going. Use all the usual social channels to promote the coming of your novel. Hint at the characters and conflict, but don’t give too much away. You are the best marketing person for your book, so get out there and promote.

The best advice I can close with is–don’t give up. I was told a long time ago that 90% of writers give up for one reason or another and never become published. If you look at it that way, you’ve already eliminated 90% of your competition. Be part of the 10% and finish the book.


PASSAGE OF CRIME is a traditional English mystery that brings together the unlikely combination of a dowdy old Scotland Yard Inspector and Ernie Bisquets, a reformed pickpocket, in this whodunit set in contemporary London.

London’s East End, once known for poor boroughs and a derelict rail yard, is enjoying an optimistic resurgence. It’s becoming an affordable option for middleclass residents looking to have their pounds go further. Despite this sweeping out of old rubbish, a cautious step is still advised when passing by a few remaining dark alleys. If only Mary Walsh had listened.

Prophet Brown, a disfigured, pathetic little man, called Detective Inspector Flannel after stumbling upon the body of a young woman in one such alley. Flannel quickly realizes she is not the random victim she appears. Add to that, the crime scene is hauntingly reminiscent of an old unsolved case; a case that almost ended an otherwise brilliant career eight years ago.

For the moment, Prophet Brown is the only solid link between the two cases. He has been in the employ of a charismatic and well-connected Member of Parliament for 17 years–the very man Flannel unsuccessfully accused of the murders in the previous case.

Flannel finds himself navigating a very treacherous course. His superiors have warned him for the last time to tread cautiously around the MP, and the rising tide of the past threatens to pull him under. Reluctantly, Inspector Flannel turns to a most unlikely ally, a reformed pickpocket named Ernie Bisquets. Together they disentangle a mesh of old lies and current clues attempting to bring a ruthless murderer to justice–ignoring the dangerous notion of murder being a carefully disguised trait passed from one generation to the next.


I loved the book. Of course I love police procedurals and British ones the best. Detective Inspector Flannel  and reformed pickpocket Erne Bisquets make a great team when it seems a murderer has resurfaced after eight years. This is a very well written mystery with very well drawn characters. It is a series you are going to want to follow. Now you will excuse me while I go back and start it from the beginning so I will be ready when the 4th in the series comes out! ♥♥♥♥♥




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FORGET ME KNOT is on tour and you have a chance to win it!

Mary-Marks-Publicity-Photo-CopyBorn and raised in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, Mary Marks earned a B.A. in Anthropology from UCLA and an M.A. in Public Administration from the American Jewish University in Los Angeles. In 2004 she enrolled in the UCLA Extension Writers Program. Her first novel, Forget Me Knot, was a finalist in a national writing competition in 2011. And today, I am pleased to have Mary here, doing a guest post,  on tour with Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours. (LEAVE A COMMENT FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A PAPERBACK COPY OF FORGET ME KNOT)  Welcome, Mary.


By Mary Marks

Nancy, Adrienne and I are now in our seventies. But at one time we were young, cute, and in high school together. This weekend, for the first time in years, we had a chance to visit via speaker phone. What was the first thing we talked about?

Nancy has just learned how to use the internet. So she talked about logging on to Google and researching her newest physical ailment, a subluxated patella. I mean, really? Our ailing bodies are what we focus on now?

Long ago we focused on the great questions of life like what to study in college and whether or not to French kiss a boy. During sleepovers we’d eat hamburgers on white bread, put our hair in rollers and crowd together in a double bed whispering about the day when we’d have sex with a man. The year was 1960 and we had no idea what great social and moral turmoil lay in front of us.

And then came the great separation. Nancy got married and moved to San Francisco. Adrienne, a gifted musician, attended San Jose State University to become a teacher, and I followed my destiny in Los Angeles. Fifty-four years later, thanks to modern technology, we were giggling together once again.

Nancy told us—are you ready for this—the suppository story. It seems that earlier this year she was in bed in a rehab facility recovering from knee surgery (the same one that now has the subluxated patella). The young nurse approached Nancy, who is quite obese, to give her a glycerin suppository and stuck it in the wrong place.

Nancy informed the nurse that she missed her target, and the embarrassed woman scurried out of the room to get another suppository. Just as the red faced nurse reached to doorway, Nancy shouted for all to hear, “I’ve been violated!”

We laughed hysterically at our friend’s audacity. Things we only whispered about a half century before, we now shouted. The years had made us not only wiser but bolder.

What has happened to the three of us during the last half century?

Nancy lived in Oregon and raised one son, and sold produce for a living until her knees gave out a few years ago. She was known as “The Apple Lady.” A local artist painted her portrait and she was featured in a magazine article. Our ex-hippie friend had carved out a simple and satisfying life.

Adrienne married a navy flyer and pursued a life of teaching and perfecting her art as a violinist. She chose not to have a family and focused instead on guiding and instructing other people’s children.

And I, well one day I’ll publish a memoir about my very crazy, eventful life. I’m the one that parents point out to their daughters as a horrible warning.

When I look at my friends I look past the gray hair, failing eyesight and blue veined hands. To me they are still young, firm, vibrant, full of hope and eager to plunge into the future. The innocent laughter of our teenage years echoes down the decades to the full-bodied hilarity of our older selves.

Real friendship endures. Ours is rooted in the common experiences of our school days together. And it has been enriched over time by the diversity we each bring to the conversation. Nancy with her outrageous stories, Adrienne with her tales of work and travel, and me with my new career in writing murder mysteries.

And love is the glue that holds us together.  

Forget me knot.inddBLURB

Welcome to San Fernando Valley, California, where Martha Rose and her coterie of quilters are enjoying life on the good side of retirement—until murder pulls a stitch out of their plans…

Martha and her besties Lucy and Birdie are set to expand their Quilty Tuesdays by inviting newcomer Claire Terry into their group. Though at forty Claire’s a tad younger than their average age, her crafty reputation could perk up their patchwork proceedings, especially as they prepare for the fancy quilt show coming to town. But when they arrive at Claire’s home and find her dead inside the front door, and her exquisite, prize-winning quilts soon missing, Martha is not one to leave a mystery unraveled. Especially if she wants to stop a killer from establishing a deadly pattern…


Martha Rose is a protagonist for those of a certain age. Past 50, divorced, overweight, gray hair, migraines, fibromyalgia. What’s not to love?!!!! She’s the lone Democrat in a Republican family. She asked if they had private accommodation when she was put in jail. The mystery is cleverly written.  The quilting aspect is enjoyable but not overbearing if that doesn’t interest you. The characters will have you falling in love. This is the debut of a mystery series I hope to be reading for a long, long, time!!! A solid ♥♥♥♥♥



Buy the book  Amazon         Book World                  B&N


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MURDER STRIKES A POSE on tour and a giveaway

tracyweberTracy Weber is a certified yoga teacher and the founder of Whole Life Yoga, an award-winning yoga studio in Seattle, where she currently lives with her husband and German Shepherd. Weber is a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, Dog Writers Association of America, and Sisters in Crime. She loves sharing her passion for yoga and animals in any form possible. Murder Strikes a Pose is Weber’s debut. I am very pleased to have Tracy here as a guest blogger today as she makes a stop n her tour for MURDER TRIKES A POSE with Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours and you will find a giveaway down below the review.

What Kind of Yoga Teacher Writes about Murder?

I’ve made my living teaching yoga for over thirteen years now, but anyone who knows me can attest that I am not a typical yoga teacher. I came to yoga with an injured body, and I can’t do any of the cool poses pictured on the cover of Yoga Journal. I don’t know the Sanskrit names for most of the poses. I cringe pretty much any time I hear something woo-woo. But I love yoga. It has transformed my life and sharing it with others brings me great joy.

Still, like I said, I’m not a typical yoga teacher.

So most of my students weren’t all that surprised to learn that I spend my spare time plotting murder and hiding books on poisons in the kitchen where my husband can “accidentally” find them. It all makes sense if you know my warped sense of humor. People who don’t know me are sometimes taken aback—even a little affronted—however. What kind of demented yoga teacher combines yoga—a practice designed to promote inner peace—with murder?

For those of you who are curious but too polite to ask, here are my top four reasons for combining my loves (yoga, dogs, and cozy mysteries):

My light-hearted mysteries allow me to share my love of yoga with people I may never meet.tracywith dog

Good fiction immerses the reader in a world they might otherwise never experience. I hope to show my readers that yoga is for everyone—especially people like Kate and me who are far from perfect.

Kate Davidson, my novel’s protagonist, is a yoga teacher. Kate and I have different physical issues, but neither one of us will ever appear on the cover of Yoga Journal. Kate has laughably tight hamstrings, chubby, cellulite-ridden thighs, and she drinks a bit more wine than she probably should.

Likewise, neither of us is likely to be in the running for Buddha’s successor. I have a warped sense of humor and tease people way more than they probably like. Kate has fiery temper and often lashes out impulsively, only to regret it later. Yet both of us believe in yoga and have dedicated our lives to sharing it with others. If Kate and I can love yoga, anyone can love yoga—even mystery fans who have never considered trying it. Maybe even some of you reading this blog article! 😉

People are murdered in my work, but death isn’t the only theme.

Solving crime definitely takes center stage in my books, but Murder Strikes a Pose is ultimately a love story. In fiction, as in real life, love isn’t always easy. Murder Strikes a Pose illustrates how love can damage us, if we let it. Throughout its pages, normally good people do extreme—some might say evil—acts to protect those they love. But beyond that, the story shows how love transforms us, when we are ready. Overall, it promises that love saves us.

If my books were movies, they’d be rated PG—at most.

In some ways my book is a tiny bit outside the cozy realm. The story takes place in a city (Seattle) and the plot takes place over several weeks. In other ways, it’s 100% cozy. Cozies are typically light-hearted, often funny (I think mine are!) and written to appeal to the faint of heart. Gore is minimized; killing takes place off screen; sex happens behind closed doors. My mother read Murder Strikes a Pose, and she still thinks I’m a nice girl.

Last but not least, I love it!

But if I’m honest, the real reason I write yoga mysteries is simple. I’m a huge mystery fan, my life-work is yoga, and I’m absolutely, embarrassingly, head-over-heels crazy about my German shepherd, Tasha. I write about a yoga teacher who solves murders with a wacky German shepherd sidekick. Writing about yoga, dogs, and murder. What could be more fun?

It’s still too soon to know how the yoga community will receive my series, or if my students will still appreciate my sense of humor by the time they get to “the end.” But for me, what matters most is the intention: Murder Strikes a Pose is a tribute to all I hold dear. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve loved writing it.

Please let me know what you think!



Yoga instructor Kate Davidson tries to live up to yoga’s Zen-like expectations, but it’s not easy while struggling to keep her small business afloat or dodging her best friend’s matchmaking efforts.

When George, a homeless alcoholic, and his loud, horse-sized German shepherd, Bella, start hawking newspapers outside her studio, Kate attempts to convince them to leave. Instead, the three strike up an unlikely friendship.

Then Kate finds George’s dead body. The police dismiss it as a drug-related street crime, but Kate knows he was no drug dealer. Now she must solve George’s murder and find someone willing to adopt his intimidating companion before Bella is sent to the big dog park in the sky. With the murderer on her trail, Kate has to work fast or her next Corpse Pose may be for real.


I enjoyed the book, it was a pleasant read. But I knew whodunit. Though I didn’t know why. The main character, Kate, is a bit whiny and self involved but she does seem to grow a bit through the book so I expect more of her in the future. And she does show great loyalty to the victim and his dog, Bella. I loved Bella. Kate’s best friend Rene seems like a fun character but we don’t see enough of her, hopefully we will see more of her in future.  I’m undecided on Michael, pet shop owner and romantic interest, because once again we don’t see enough of him for him to become a better developed character. Towards the end he does seem like a good match for Kate, one who will help her get over herself. There was a very funny line (there were quite a few actually), when the fact so little was really known about the victim, Kate just assumes she knows his character, “Maybe he was a vicious dictator or a serial killer… Heck, maybe he was even a Republican.” So while I would have picked a less predictable killer, this was an enjoyable first in a series that shows great potential and I will look forward to subsequent additions where the killer, hopefully, will not be as easy to guess. ♥♥♥♥



GIVEAWAY: Tracy will be giving away an autographed copy of MURDER STRIKES A POSE. Just leave a comment below to qualify.



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First review of 2014 and a giveaway!

diane oustI am very pleased to have Gail Oust here today on tour with Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours for the release of her new book,  first in a new series, ROSEMARY AND CRIME. (Be sure and check out the giveaway below the review.) Gail is often accused of flunking retirement. While working as a nurse/vascular technologist, she penned nine historical romances under the pseudonym of Elizabeth Turner. It wasn’t until she and her husband retired to South Carolina that inspiration struck for a mystery. Hearing the words “maybe it’s a dead body” while golfing fired her imagination for writing a cozy. Ever since then, she spends more time on a computer than at a golf course. Author of the Bunco Babe mysteries, she’s currently working on her new Spice Shop mystery series. Welcome Gail.

Do you think the work ethic (of being a nurse) has made you a better writer?  Are you more disciplined than a lot of us at getting butt into chair and just sitting there writing X number of hours every day?

Hmm…  Good question.  I think my background in nursing as been an asset in that it made me goal oriented.  I know what has to be done and when which forces me to be organized when the deadline clock is ticking.  I’m not a get-up-with-the-chickens kind of person so it still takes me awhile to get my behind in a chair and start work each morning, but once there I get down to business.  I even pack a lunch and allow myself only a twenty minute break while I indulge in my favorite soap opera.

Do you know “whodunit” before you start your book, or does that sort of evolve and get clearer as you write?

I usually know my “perp” before I start because I like to add a subtle hint here or there.  Once though, in one of my Bunco Babe books, the killer came as a complete surprise to me.

Why the switch from romance to mystery?

I didn’t deliberately plan to make the switch, it just sort of happened.  The already half-formed plot for a mystery (a cozy) sprang from nowhere after hearing “maybe it’s a dead body” while playing golf.

What others writers influenced you?

Nothing impresses or influences me more than reading a well-written book..

What is the best book you’ve read lately?  And why?

I read a lot of mysteries so I read The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton for a change of pace.  I was struck by the skillful way the author handled multiple points of view and settings.  Also I found the premise interesting.

What author, living or dead, would you invite for dinner and conversation if you could?

I wouldn’t just have dinner, I’d host a party and invite Nora Roberts, Pat Conroy, the late Robert B. Parker, John Hart, Janet Evanovich, and Mary Higgins Clark.

Now three things I ask everybody…

  • What is your favorite food? Pizza
  • What is your favorite TV show? The Good Wife and CSI
  • What is your favorite music? I listen to New Age while I’m writing.  Country western when driving.

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rosemary and crime coverBLURB

Cozy Mystery
Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Minotaur Books (December 17, 2013)
ISBN-13: 978-1250011046

Piper Prescott, a transplanted Yankee living in the South, has got her sass back.  She might be down, but don’t count her out.  “Change of life?” she asks.  Bring it on.  Recently divorced, Piper decides to pursue a dream she’s secretly harbored:  owning her own business.  Spice It Up!, a spice shop in her adopted hometown, Brandywine Creek, Georgia.  But Piper’s grand opening goes awry when the local chef who’s agreed to do a cooking demo is found stabbed.  Not only did Piper find the body, she handled the murder weapon and doesn’t have a witness to her alibi, making the case look like a slam dunk to brand new police Chief Wyatt McBride.  Desperate to uncover the truth—and prove her innocence—Piper enlists the help of her outspoken BFF Reba Mae Johnson to help track down the real culprit.  The pair compile a lengthy list of suspects and work to eliminate them using their own creative brand of sleuthing techniques including stakeouts, breaking and entering, and one very unorthodox chocolate pie.  When Piper narrowly avoids being a victim of a hit-and-run, she knows she’s getting closer to the truth, but can she catch the killer and clear her name before she becomes the next victim?


All the elements of a Southern, Culinary, Cozy Mystery. We have recently divorced Piper starting a new life and a new business. There is a fun BFF, hints of possible romance, a local sheriff and an ex-husband with a very young girlfriend, a teenager to deal with, a new business to be opened… oh, and of course a body to ruin that opening. The spice shop was a different setting. While I cannot imagine a spice (exclusive) shop making a go of it in this day and age, it is a fun idea. While sometimes in culinary or craft mysteries, we hear more than we would like about about the subject business, I would have liked to hear a bit more about spices throughout this one and maybe a section in the back devoted to spices and their uses. All in all,though, a good introduction to a new series and I will be looking forward to the next installment. ♥♥♥½


Gail has an autographed copy of ROSEMARY AND CRIME to give away as well as an apron like Piper wears in the book. First leave a comment for Gail below then go HERE for your chance to win.


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Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

teaser tuesday• Grab your current read
• Open to a random page
• Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
• BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
• Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

My Teaser Tuesday comes from THE FALLS: MUD SEASON by George Jackson:

It was the farmer’s worst nightmare, keeping entire fields unplowable and unplantable for sometimes as much as a month or more as it thawed. It was the one key reason that Vermont’s growing season was shorter than the line at a kissing booth manned by a grouchy eighty-seven year old with ill-fitting false teeth and serious bad breath.

I have really, really been enjoying this whole series. And George will be visiting the blog shortly so keep an eye out.

51kAGtJElELThe Falls: Mud Season (The Falls Mystery Series) George Jackson, author

It’s mud season in Vermont and a busload of school kids have found a dead body encased in it! Welcome back to The Falls! There are several new characters, and all the old familiar ones you’ve come to know and enjoy. Visit Dream Rides: Where the Adventure of a Lifetime Begins! Come and have tea with Ducks and Puddles, stop by the Whitfield Family Compound and buy a painting from charming Louisa May McFadden. Follow Sheriff Cash Green, Deputies Ericka Yamato and Horace Scofield, Doc Stone and Meg Monroe as they work together to find out “who dunit”. Revisit The Falls during the fifth season of the year, and try not to get stuck in the mud!