SNAFU (or why I don't worry)

This post came about because of a tweet someone made about dumb tea partiers and I had a funny response about why I did not share the concerns – but I couldn’t say it in 140 characters. I don’t worry about much actually. Basically because I believe in the ultimate dumbness and/or laziness of people in general. I came to this point of view about 30 years ago.

My first husband worked for General Dynamics. He was in a somewhat supervisory position. That meant we had to attend periodic management company functions. I was not what you would call the ideal wife for someone heading up the GD ladder. I was anti-war, anti-military, pretty much a hippy dippy sort of chick. Picture Jenny in Forest Gump. Only a few years after those Viet Nam years. At one launching, I walked over to the protesters who were always there on the other side of barriers. I started shaking hands like I was the damn First Lady or something and assured them I was on their side and had been forced to attend against my will, but they had my support and maybe they could yell a bit louder and perhaps sing, and drown out all the ridiculous speeches we were about to hear.

We were at a big dinner at a hotel in Newport one lovely summer evening. I was wearing a lovely, gauzy sort of creation that my sister had sent me from Paris. I floated, if I do say so myself. But I did stand out from all the other GD wives – who shot daggers at me with their eyes. And made some pretty snarky remarks within my earshot and some directly to my face. But I totally captivated the bartender, so it was free and keep them coming drinks for me all night. Not that that changed anything. I do the things I do drunk or sober. Well, it started, as it always does, with the Pledge of Allegiance. I will stand out of respect. But I will neither salute nor pledge. I stand silently. Not even for my husband’s success (and my pocketbook) could I do something I do not believe in. It is how I was raised. Many years back (before she ripped up the picture of the pope – she was right about that, before her time) there was a big issue made about Sinead O’Connor disrespecting the American flag. I mean it is not like she set it on fire and danced on it for God’s sake. We just don’t, for the most part, do that. It goes back to the whole not worshiping graven images thing – idolatry and all that. So, I already have a whole lot of people glaring at me. I could have pointed out that if they were truly, sincerely saluting their flag and pledging their allegiance, they would not be noticing what I did or did not do. Well, I was pretty bored with it all by this time so before the grace before the meal, I picked up my drink. I am sure you can guess my opinion about prayer at a work related function. Well, some General’s wife had the honor of saying grace. She went on and on thanking God for this and that. Then she came out with, “and thank you dear God for giving us nuclear superiority over the Russians.”* Attempt to swallow, choking, loud snort, drink out the nose!!!!!

How GD did not manage to find a way to fire my husband remains a mystery to me to this day. But a lively discussion ensued at the table. The women were not speaking to me by that point. But the men were very earnestly trying to win me over from the dark side. Didn’t I think it was important that we had more submarines, ships, warheads than the Russians? Didn’t I think it was needed to keep us safe? I looked around the table at all of them. “I’ve known you guys for five, six years now. I have toured the plant and seen the workers. And I am sure the Russians have exactly the same caliber of workers in their plants. So I feel pretty confident in saying, that when they push the button or we push the button… absolutely nothing is going to happen.”**

Yup. That’s me. It’s my own little philosophy but it helps me sleep at night. The confidence in the old SNAFU. Oh, and if you are looking for a date for a party where you really want to win friends and influence people, give me a call!                                                             _____________

*Read my post about heaven being run like Rhode Island politics. SMH God has favorites??

**Yeah, yeah Japan would disagree. But people had a much different work ethic back then.

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