Not the angle you are expecting… No, I am not talking about the cost to society kind of thing. I am talking about the price of corrupting someone. I cannot believe how damn cheap it is!

I was listening to a news report about how much Blue Cross Blue Shield had paid to various local politicians. And of course it is being touted as a big scandal. Altogether? $60,000. Seriously. I didn’t forget a zero or zeros or  anything. Sixty grand! And of course, they broke it down. This one got $1000, that one got $650, and so on. It blew my mind. I could afford to buy a politician – not that I would want one. These politicians are willing to vote in someone’s favor for that pittance? Risk ruining their reputation for that? I mean, I could not see even if only one guy got the whole $60,000, taking that risk.

So how much would you sell your soul for?

I have had multiple occasions to think about it. You get a lot of offers in real estate. Do this on the side, get that under the table. But I always laughed at them. I mean did they seriously think I would risk my reputation and my license over a few grand? But there was one deal… Let’s just say I would have walked away with a cool million. I thought about it. Luckily for my soul, the DEM stepped in and sunk the deal. But I did give it some serious thought and planning. I am glad the deal sunk and I wasn’t put to the test. But it does bother me to know that yes, I may well have a price…

Which reminds me of a joke, to end on a lighter note:

A very attractive young woman found herself seated next to a very well heeled gentleman on a plane. He explained to her just who he was. And then he said, “So you understand when I say this, I can afford to back it up. I find you most attractive. Would you be willing to sleep with me for a million dollars?” She looked down rather shyly and murmured, “Well, yes, yes I would.” They sat silently for a minute or two then the gentleman said, “Would you sleep with me for $100?” The young woman slapped him across the face and said, “What kind of woman do you think I am?” The gentleman looked at her and replied, “We have already established that. I am just negotiating price now.”

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