Do I feel for everyone who died 9/11 and their families? And the same for the Station Nightclub fire? Of course I do. But I resent this attitude that group deaths are somehow more horrible than individual deaths and deserving of compensation. I bring this up now because the settlement money in the Station case is about to be paid out. So I am once again reminded of something that bothers me very much.

My daughter died in horrible circumstances. Do I feel less pain because she did not die in a mass death? Of course not. And frankly, the mothers of people who died in 9/11 or the Station Nightclub would not feel less pain if their child had died individually under different circumstances. Loss is loss.

In the Station fire the money is coming from companies that are considered to be at fault in some way so I suppose there is some justification in this litigious society we live in. But the various 9/11 funds? The money did not come from the terrorists who were the people at fault or from their countries. I just do not understand why people are compensated for an act of terrorism. I do not understand why we as a people feel that compensation for something like this is deserved. Each one of those deaths was a tragedy. But really, each and every one was an individual tragedy. A tragedy to the family and friends of the person who died. And they would feel exactly the same if that individual died on September 12th in a mugging turned murder. But no one would feel any compensation should be forthcoming for that.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not want any money nor do I feel in any way that I deserve money for my daughter’s death. It would not comfort me in any way. It would not make me feel better in any way. It would not diminish the loss and pain that I feel every day of my life. I guess what bothers me so much when I hear about one of these funds, I feel that as this society puts such importance on money, it is like society is saying that my daughter’s death was less significant in some way to someone who happened to be in the World Trade Towers or the Station Nightclub.

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