Set in The Tiki Goddess Bar in Kauai, Hawaii, MAI TAI ONE ON is a quick, light fun cozy. It starts with ‘They would have found the body sooner if it hadn’t been two-for-one Mai Tai Night’ and ends with a section of drink recipes that will knock your socks off. I love a book with good recipes 😉 Emily Johnson moves to Hawaii, after a divorce, to help her Uncle Louie Marshall, who is in the early stages of dementia, run his bar. Besides Em and Louie, you have Sophie Chin, bartender with a past; Roland Sharpe, hunky police detective/fire knife dancer; David Letterman, a parrot who taste tests all the drinks before they can make the menu; Harold Otanami, victim number one and very unlikable man; Fernando, victim number two and ‘the new Liberace’; and most important and fun of all, The Hula Maidens, a troupe of senior citizen hula dancers. I haven’t read any of Jill Marie Landis’ many books as she usually writes romances, but I definitely will make a point to pick up book two in this series, Two To Mango, the next time I am looking for a cozy.

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