Murder Takes The Cake

I love a good cozy and I especially like a culinary cozy so I picked up three of a series at the library yesterday. By Gayle Trent, the first is MURDER TAKES THE CAKE. Daphne Martin moves home after a very failed marriage – her husband tried to shoot her and is serving time for attempted murder. She sets up her own cake business out of her home and finds her first real customer, Yodel Watson, dead when she arrives to deliver the cake. Yodel knew everybody’s dirty little secrets – or if she didn’t, she would make them up. Not only does Daphne become a suspect, she discovers some secrets Yodel knew about her own family. There are some interesting family dynamics and a former high school sweetheart, Ben, as well as the alternately nosy, wacky, source of gossip, next door neighbor. The story is well paced with plenty of well done red herrings that keep you guessing right until the end. The only thing I found disappointing were the cakes. Three very uninspiring recipes at the back of the book and the baker aspect wasn’t that believable throughout the book – as one who bakes. Her repertoire seems to consist of white, yellow and spice cake with the odd chocolate thrown in, buttercream frosting and paste flowers. Other than that, it’s a good read and took me only last night. So on to her next book!

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