Descriptions of the cakes are getting better (if not the recipes) in KILLER SWEET TOOTH by Gayle Trent  – someone’s been watching the cake competitions on the Food Network. A lot of humor in this one. But then there is an Elvis convention in town so that is inevitable. Daphne makes peanut brittle and neighbor Myrna pulls out a filling with it. They call Myra’s Dentist who agrees to go back to the office to meet her. They arrive at the office to find the Dentist dead. As Daphne and Myrna are suspects, they set out to find the killer. Interesting task when you have all those Elvises running around town. This book is the best of the three read so far. But still, the recipe section is a joke really, and questions remain from the first two books. Why did Daphne’s uncle warn her away from boyfriend Ben? It was in book two and such a serious warning we expect something to come of it one way or the other. But nothing in book two or three. Why the very poor relationship between Daphne and her mother? It has been neither explained or resolved despite the heavy emphasis on it in book one. What killed Fred in book two? We know who caused his accident years before. We know by whom and how the poison or virus was distributed. But we never find out why Fred was the only one to die from it and how could the perp have known he would? But book three leaves us with no questions even if not resolving those from the first two. Perhaps the author was just finding her way with her new characters. If I had read book three without having read the first two I would have given it five stars. I was introduced to this author when I got a free Kindle copy of WHEN GOOD BRAS GO BAD which is from another of her series, and I thoroughly enjoyed it (How could you not with that title?!). And I am going to start reading yet another of her series, her embroidery mysteries, that are written under the name Amanda Lee. I’ll let you know how those work out.

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