I finished the second book in Gayle Trent’s Daphne Martin’s Mysteries. DEAD PAN was a shorter and quicker read than Murder Takes The Cake but even better written. We have the same enjoyable characters from the first book along with some new ones, including the real life Kerry Vincent who I have seen many times on the Food Network as a judge. However, it left two points unanswered. What killed Fred in the end – we learn who had caused his accident of some years ago, and why did Daphne’s uncle warn her against her involvement with Ben? Perhaps the second point will be answered in in the next book. Which I will read. I am still very dissatisfied about Daphne’s (and the author’s) baking ability. Ms Trent does develop likable characters and the main mystery of the plot, a mass illness, is satisfactorily solved. But the one death is completely forgotten. As the books are so closely sequential, perhaps both unanswered questions will be answered in the third book in the series, which I will read tomorrow night. Here’s to hoping some questions are wrapped up tomorrow night and Daphne develops a bit more pizazz in her baking 🙂

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