THE QUICK AND THE THREAD by Amanda Lee (pen name of Gayle Trent) is a great read. I was up until late last night because I just could not put it down. Marcy Singer moves to Tallulah Falls and opens an embroidery shop called the Seven Year Stitch next door to her best friend from college, Sadie’s, coffee shop. The person who had rented the location for years shows up at the opening night party very drunk, wanting to tell her something. Friends hustle him away so the party won’t be spoiled. The next morning, Marcy and her Irish Wolfhound, Angus, find the man dead in her storeroom with a cryptic message scratched on her wall. Marcy discovers a complicated scheme involving identity thefts and straw buyers that has unsure of everybody, including her friends. This is a very well written mystery and I highly recommend it. I’ve already started on the next in the series.♥♥♥♥♥

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