Last night’s read was DEAD BOLT by Juliet Blackwell. I actually grabbed it by accident when picking up Ms Blackwell’s witchcraft mystery series. I decided to read this first since it was just the one and I realized I had read the first in the series, If Walls Could Talk, back when it first came out. This is the haunted home revovation mystery series. Protagonist Mel(anie) Turner, ‘General Contractor, Jill of All Trades’ is a likeable character in zany clothes who has a fondness for strays – of all kinds. Mel lives with her father, from whom she inherited the construction business, and Stan, a former employee left in a wheelchair from an on the job accident, a dog, two cats added during the book, and frequently her stepson, who she kept despite divorcing his father. In this book she is restoring an 1890’s Queen Anne Victorian in San Francisco but but the project is plagued by strange (paranormal) events. Then a neighbor, who wants the whole project stopped, is murdered. It is as they say, a page turner. However, there is more emphasis on solving the paranormal mystery than the murder, so if you don’t like paranormal mysteries, be aware of that. I did enjoy it and am looking forward to starting the witchcraft series right now. Nothing else to do… some silly football game has my husband occupied. The Patriots playing somebody or other. And I’m taping Downton Abby as I like to watch a marathon of them together on a rainy day. ♥♥♥♥

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