Last night I read Amanda Lee’s THREAD RECKONING, third in the embroidery mysteries. Loved this one as well. Marcy is hired to embellish an old wedding gown with jewels to cover some yellowing from age. The paste jewels are provided by the groom’s mother. Only she turns up dead and the jewels turn out to be real. Adding to all that is going on, Marcy’s former fiancé shows up wanting her back, over a year after leaving her standing at the altar. And the whole town is preparing for a costume ball. As part of the prep for that Marcy makes a purse for her friend using embroidery ribbon roses. I got so curious about them, I had to google them. If you get curious as well, I found a tutorial: After his mother’s murder, the groom realizes his bride to be is the ultimate bridezilla and he breaks up with her. Then she turns up dead. Marcy has her hands full with two murders, a stalking ex and preparing for the big party. She doesn’t so much solve the murder as the murderer comes after her because she is getting too close. Great read, moves along very quickly. Can’t wait for the next one – but I will have to. Thought there were only three so far, so had to order the fourth. But I have a  big pile of cozies sitting here in the mean time. ♥♥♥♥♥

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