Finishing ARSENIC AND OLD PAINT last night means I am finished with Hailey Lind/Juliet Blackwell for a while. Boo boo, I’ve loved all these books. In this one, Annie Kincaid has set up a second business, in addition to doing faux finishes, doing art investigation with former art thief Michael X. Johnson. While on a job at an exclusive men’s club, Annie finds a body posed just like the painting The Death of Marat. So there is that to solve, plus she’s hired to find a stolen painting, and a stolen sculpture. As if that’s not enough, “Uncle” Anton is poisoned. The question of who will be the love interest, Michael or Frank, seems to be answered when she gets together with Frank. But a secret revealed, makes that short lived. Or maybe not. We will have to read the next book. It’s always good when you are left wanting more and all three series by this writer have me wanting more more more! ♥♥♥♥♥

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