Great read last night hat I just could not put down until I finished. A FISTFUL OF COLLARS is the most recent addition to the Chet and Bernie mystery series. Peter Abrahams was on a panel I attended at New England Crime Bake two years ago and everybody I met was raving about the series he writes under the name Spencer Quinn. Okay, Bernie is a PI and he has a dog named Chet. Not too unusual for a protagonist to have a dog. But then they told me the books were written in the dog’s voice. Okay, I’ve heard of first person or third person point of view, but dog point of view? Not my cup of tea. But friends nagged until I bought the first in the series. Read it straight through and went out to get the rest. In this latest, Bernie is hired to keep an eye on a movie star who has come to film a western in the valley.Seems the movie star has some drug issues and the insurance company insists Bernie be there or no movie. Bernie follows one of the entourage to what looks like it might be a drug deal at first glance but then the presumed dealer is killed. Then a reporter helping Bernie with some background is killed. The reporter is a friend of Suzie, also a reporter, and Bernie’s girlfriend who has just taken a job across the country. The reporter’s death mirrors one that took place twenty years earlier. Once that is discovered, everything that is going on is seen in a different light. Start at the beginning of the series if you haven’t already discovered this great series. That reminds me, Spenser Quinn put out a prequel to explain all of how Chet and Bernie got together in the first place and it has just been sitting, forgotten on my Kindle so I am going to read it right now. ♥♥♥♥♥ http://www.amazon.com/Fistful-Collars-Chet-Bernie-Mystery/dp/1451665164/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_1

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