POSTCARDS FROM THE DEAD is Laura Childs’ latest scrapbooking mystery. I’ve read all the books in all her series and thoroughly enjoy them. In addition to a great story, there are scrapbooking and crafting tips at the end along with some great recipes. Carmella has agreed to do an interview with Kimber Breeze, who is not her favorite person. But publicity helps in the not yet recovered New Orleans economy post Katrina. There is no interview because Carmella finds Kimber’s body. There are plenty of suspects as Carmella is not the only person who was not fond of Kimber. She promises boyfriend, Detective Edgar Babcock she won’t get involved in the investigation but then Carmella starts getting postcards. Of cemeteries. Signed by Kimber. So naturally Carmella starts investigating with help from friend Ava. Mardi Gras is going on so there are parades and parties and wonderful costumes. Oh, and alligators. Carmella and Ava find themselves in an alligator pen. No. Not by the hands of the villain. They were taking a shortcut. The only flaw I found was there was less of Carmella’s shop in this book. Not that I miss the scrapbooking talk, but it meant there was less of the quirky customers of the shop who are always enjoyable. But still a really fun read. ♥♥♥♥

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