I picked up MURDER BY YEW by Suzanne Young because I read it was set in Rhode Island. It doesn’t have much of a feel of Rhode Island to it but it was an enjoyable mystery. The protagonist, Edna Davies, is an herbalist and artist whose handy man, Tom, is murdered and Edna is suspect because he was poisoned (murder by yew). Edna is one of those women who needs her husband for the simplest things, which I didn’t like, but she does grow a bit, out of necessity, as her husband is away for a couple of weeks. Tom’s grandson has a speech impediment which implicates Edna in the murder, along with the poison, when what he says is misunderstood. Competition for a single spot in the local garden club also features in the story. The story was well written and enjoyable. I did guess whodunit but I was wrong about why. ♥♥♥

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