DEATH COMES SILENTLY is another Carolyn Hart book in the Death on Demand Mysteries. It’s winter in Broward’s Rock and business is slow so Annie Darling, plans an author signing at her bookstore Death on Demand. It conflicts with her shift at the local charity shop, Better Tomorrow. A fellow volunteer agrees to sub for her. The substitute is murdered after leaving Annie several voice mails about a scandal as well as saying she is terrified. Annie, husband Max and several friends investigate. The well like police chief is fired by the mayor, making things more difficult as the mayor takes over the investigation and has his own wrong theories about the murder. Fast paced, interesting characters, a Carolyn Hart book is always a pleasure. ♥♥♥♥♥

Published by Kate Eileen Shannon

Artist, Crafter, Writer, purveyor of ephemera and bagatelle

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