BLOODSTONE by Barbra Annino is the second in the Stacy Justice series and it takes up right where Opal Fire left off. I love when books do that. One leads right into the next as opposed to those which may take place a year after the last one. A teenager named Ivy, who bears a strong resemblance to Stacy, shows up claiming to be Stacy’s half sister. She needs her help because their mother is in trouble. (We don’t know a lot about Stacy’s mother at this point. I think we find out more in Emerald Isle, book four, which comes out in July.) Stacy keeps Ivy hidden from the aunts (really two great aunts and grandmother) but when a guest at the aunt’s B&B is murdered and the family’s Blessed Book goes missing, Stacy has to investigate – before someone kills her. A lot of suspense mixed with a good dose of humor. And there are changes to Stacy’s romantic life. This is one of those series that it helps if you read in order and I am going to read number three right now.  ♥♥♥♥♥

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