THE AGE OF DOUBT is an Inspector Montalbano mystery by Andrea Camilleri. It is translated from the Italian and I have not read any others in the series, just picked this up at the library. I will get the rest of them though. It is not dark so much as more European and the humor is very dry. The inspector comes to the aid of a “damsel in distress” who disappears and turns out not to be who she said she was. A body is found by the crew of a yacht (that the mysterious woman had been interested in). As well as the yacht there is another luxury vessel with a shady crew. The Inspector has to figure out who amongst all these strangers could have killed the victim. But first he has to figure out who the victim is. The Inspector is a very well developed character and the book, a pleasure to read. I was reminded of the books of Georges Simenon, a favorite of mine, as I was reading so had to chuckle when midway through the book, the Inspector goes to his bookcase and takes out a book by Simenon. It lost points with me when the Inspector sent one of his married detectives off to seduce a suspect. And again when he himself becomes involved with the missing, much younger “damsel in distress” when she reappears – apparently breaking up his long standing relationship. I understand this has been made into a TV series and perhaps the author is now writing more toward a TV audience. A good read, but I suspect it might be better to start the series at the beginning to see how the Inspector developed. ♥♥♥

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