THE FINAL ARRANGEMENT by Annie Adams is Book One in the Cozy Flower Shop Mystery Series and I hope there are many more. There is so much going on in the life of flower shop owner, Quincy (Quinella – but say at your peril) McKay, you almost forget there was a dead body at the beginning. A florist who had stolen Quincy’s lucrative funeral home account and was last seen alive in an argument with Quincy. Uh oh, not good. But between incompetent employee, scantily clad employee, sister beaten by boyfriend, hit and run, burning hydrangea, mother with an extensive spy network, and the obligatory hot cop (cops must just love cozies, they are either hot or boobs), it is easy to forget the body. But Quincy can’t forget since she is the main suspect. So Quincy is on a mission to get back her lost business while she clears her name. Midway through the book, after losing two employees, Quincy hires K.C., a colorful senior who I am sure is destined to be the zany sidekick in future books. A great cozy read. ♥♥♥♥♥

Published by Kate Eileen Shannon

Artist, Crafter, Writer, purveyor of ephemera and bagatelle

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