ZO WHITE AND THE SEVEN MORPHS, A Criminally Funny Fable by Barbara Silkstone is indeed criminally funny. Zo is an aerialist on the silks in the Grimm Brothers’ Cirque and The Seven Morphs are ground acrobats, each in a different color spandex outfit that even covers their faces. Being a high flyer, Zo really doesn’t have much contact with them until she is targeted for death but her partner dies instead. The morphs step in to protect her and hide her out at her sister’s turtle farm where she helps out with hundreds of baby turtles while the morphs try to find out who is after her. Of course it is not much safer there as the mob is after the turtle farm as part of a planned casino. Oh, and there is an amazing magic mirror as well. Sound ridiculous? It is. But it is laugh out loud funny and will keep you turning the pages through all the twists and turns. ♥♥♥♥♥ http://www.amazon.com/White-Seven-Morphs-Fractured-Silkstone/dp/098599553X/ref=la_B0047L8A8W_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1361672060&sr=1-3

Published by Kate Eileen Shannon

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