So I haven’t been posting what I have been reading lately. Oh I’ve been reading, a book a night usually. Don’t worry, I won’t be sending out a dozen posts in a day. But two in particular deserve mention. THE CAT, THE MILL AND THE MURDER by Leann Sweeney is a book you should not miss. It will be out in May but I had the good fortune to get an ARC and it is a book you can’t put down. Another book you really should read is David Bishops’s THE BEHOLDER. I loved it and the second in the series will be out within the month. David has a couple of other really good series as well.

So why have I been too busy to write about what I am reading? I’ve been too busy with my own book. The proofs arrived today.

its here

Not a great picture, took it with my phone. This is probably the kind of thing I should have dragged out the Canon for, but oh well. It came out beautifully and if you look back a couple of posts, you can see a good picture of the cover. I am going through the book now, red pen at hand, looking for any errors missed in editing – because I am crazy that way, very OCD.  It will be on Amazon in about a week and I will post a link then. Large print and audio book will follow.

I’m kinda excited.

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