If Martha Reynold ‘s first book, CHOCOLATE FOR BREAKFAST, is Bernie Maguire’s coming of age book, then in CHOCOLATE FONDUE we see Bernie actually grow up. Sure it took until she was in her forties but we all have our own process.

In Chocolate For Breakfast, Bernie spends her junior year of college in Switzerland where she gives birth and gives up her child for adoption. Twenty- three years later, in Chocolate Fondue, Bernie goes to visit Switzerland following the death of her mother. She stays at the hotel where her son works and is faced with having to decide if she will identify herself or not. The decision may be taken out of her hands by another hotel employee who discovers her secret.

We also see Bernie develop her first mature, caring relationship after a lifetime of avoiding one.

Granted, I usually only read mysteries for entertainment, but this very enjoyable read is not without its own share of mystery. The book has a wonderful flow to it and you will find yourself reading it in one session. Personally, I would suggest curling up in a very comfortable chair and a cup of hot chocolate. ♥♥♥♥♥

Published by Kate Eileen Shannon

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