Dan Waddell was involved with the original British version of the TV show Who Do You Think You Are. I saw several episodes of the US version and it was a fascinating show about genealogy. And he has written two great mystery novels featuring genealogy, THE BLOOD DETECTIVE and BLOOD ATONEMENT. It has been several years since the second was released so I don’t know if he plans to continue this as a series but I certainly hope he does as these were two fascinating reads. Genealogist Nigel Barnes teams with the police when a crime seems to have a link to the past. First one then multiple murder victims have a code carved on their body that is part of the coding system of the registrar’s office (land records, births, deaths, marriages).  Since the police don’t know how to conduct searches, Nigel is brought in and must find the clues from a past crime that is the motive for the current ones. In the second book when a woman’s throat is cut and her daughter is believed missing, DCI Foster sees similarities to a three year old case and Nigel is called in to research the links between the families. Ultimately they have to travel to the states to research at the Mormon church. Not only because they have the ultimate genealogical records but the crimes seem to be linked to the Mormons. Two great reads you will not want to put down. ♥♥♥♥♥

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