If you write a book, think VERY carefully about the title. Since I wrote Social Insecurity, I get tons of ads for Social Security Disability on Facebook. I should name the next book George Clooney Naked.

The worst part of writing a book is the fear someone will read it. Seriously.

Promotion is the pits.

I hate picture frames. They box you in. Artists think outside the box. – hey, not everything is about writing 😉

I don’t get Scrivener. I’ve tried. Even went so far as to buy it, thinking there would be more to it than in the free trial. I mean I don’t see what more it can do for me than say Microsoft OneNote. And really, anything I can just type into will do.

Book four’s title is NOT A RHODE ISLAND CLUE. Thank you Charles Ramsey. (I have yet to find anyone in RI that ever heard that expression until his interview.) So in the Brigid Kildare Mystery Series (Which is really a serial) I now have:


Book one is out there. Covers designed for two and three. All the stories are plotted out. Need to get two out there and cover designed for four.

There is a fine line between Art and Science.

fred couplesSometimes I am not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. I studied this for ten minutes trying to figure out what a fred couple was. Was it like a gay couple only the two guys were both named Fred? Finally read the copy and figured out it was a name. Obviously I am not a golf fan. And I should learn to go beyond just reading titles.

You can judge a book by its cover. A good cover will catch my eye every time. I think people all too often overlook that fact.

It is starting to creep me out how everything you do online is known. The other day I googled Biltmore House in Asheville. Now everywhere I go online, I see ads for it. Before that it was boots. And it makes no sense when you think about it. I go to a website to buy something. And I do. Next thing, I am flooded with ads for that site. Hey dummies, I just bought your stuff, I’m not going to buy it again.

Even worse, after the Boston bombing, I heard there is a record of every cell phone call. I don’t mean what number you called. What you said! It is just such a large volume that the spooks who are tracking us have trouble finding a particular call. I really don’t want anyone hearing some of my conversations. Or some of my texts.

What I really, really would be worried about is the police looking at my computer. I hope no one ever kills my husband because I would be in jail so fast. Mystery writers research murder. I’ve studied guns, poisons, temperature to cremate a human body, bomb building… Just last week I downloaded the plans for a working gun made using a 3D printer.

candy crushCandy Crush Saga should have a warning label. How can something that stupid be so addictive?

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