No book talk or author interview today. A more important matter.

Have you ever experienced a tornado? I have, only in a very minor way. Living in Florida, on the Gulf, it is not uncommon to look out the back window (just yards from the water) and see a water spout. But they rarely caused much if any damage. And there was one large tornado. It was an orderly tornado, it went right up the middle of U.S. Highway 19. Nothing was harmed despite the fact it was a fair size. I was in bed when it happened. And being on the coast, about six blocks in from 19. But I felt I was lying next to the railroad tracks. It sounded like a loud train was passing me and the bed was shaking and the headboard banging the wall. And here in New England, we have had several over the past couple of years. Very unusual for this area. Some with a fair amount of damage. One closest to me did he same thing as my Florida tornado, went very neatly down the middle of Route 114.

I can’t begin to imagine what people in Oklahoma and other states have experienced. My heart goes out to them. I have been happy to see the support they are receiving. And have been thrilled when I see their endurance. And even humour. I saw one man standing by a sign in front of his house, or what had been his house, and the sign said, “House For Sale some assembly required”. Someone who keeps a sense of humour, even at the worst of times, will make it through.

If you have not done so yet, take a minute to give a donation to the Salvation Army for tornado relief. Whatever you can afford. Oklahoma and Kansas  are under another tornado watch for the next two or three days.

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