To be famous, Or not to be…that is the question!

To be famous, Or not to be…that is the question!.

Intersting post and question. My response? I don’t want to be famous. My biggest fear is someone will actually read my writing. Seriously. I write for myself, because I want to. Maybe it is because of the whole publishing thing and the fact I am also a painter. With a painting, only one person on the planet has to like it, even if the one person is yourself sometimes, and the painting is a sucess. With a book it is different. A lot of people have to like it for it to be a success. Which means a lot of people won’t like it. The downside of success and fame and writing and publishing.

So how do YOU feel about it? Do you want to be famous in whatever field you are in? Do you think it is a good thing? Or are the negatives so great you are happy with obscurity?

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3 thoughts on “To be famous, Or not to be…that is the question!

  1. Unless you’re in a Jasper Fford novel, being a writer doesn’t bring enough notoriety and adulation to cause problems. So yes, I’d be very happy to be a famous author.


    1. My kids once told me, regarding my paintings, they would only be worth something and me famous, after I was dead. I started sleeping with one eye open. Since my writing inspires no such feeling, worthless now and after I am dead, I sleep better. When you have children with dollar signs in their eyes, it is best not to have fame (and presumably the accompanying fortune). 😉


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