I’m not sure I can do it. Not sure what possessed me to try. Well, actually I do. The Ultimate Blog Challenge for July. But for the month of July, I  am going to post every day. Even weekends. That is thirty-one posts. I actually only have to do thirty according to the rules, but I am going for every day. What’s one more? This one is kind of a cheat, huh? I mean I am using a post to tell you I am going to be posting. And tomorrow is kind of a cheat as well because I have a guest blogger, author Sam Cheever. But I still had to do a lot of that post. So beyond today and tomorrow, I’m not sure what I will do. It can’t be that hard, can it? I follow a couple of bloggers that not only post every single day, they post several times a day. After a couple of emails saying there is a new post, my email filter starts sending them to spam. Seriously. I don’t know where they find the time. Or the ideas. I know I am at a loss for them. Besides today and tomorrow. I suppose there will be the usual posts about books I’ve read. I read a book a day, usually. So that should make this easy. But I read series and I don’t blog until I’ve finished a series. Note to self: dump series for a month. I don’t have any other guest bloggers or author interviews scheduled in July. Yet. If you have a book out, or coming out soon, email me and either I will interview you or you can do a guest post. I’m sure some posts will be serious and some will be silly. Some long and some short. I can always post some of my recipes. They are always popular. Then again, I can tell you stupid stories about the incredibly stupid things I do. Like back in June when I posted about maps and getting lost. Now there is an idea. I could post every day of the year if the topic was stupid things I do or have done. My husband will have plenty of suggestions about that. He’s a funny guy anyway, and can really tell a story, but since meeting me, he has never been at a loss for material. He starts more conversations with, “You won’t believe what my wife did now…” My birthday is this month so I will even have to post that day. If I make it until then. Wish me luck, this may be a very bumpy ride.


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  1. No guts, no glory, right? I can’t even imagine doing this, but I will be cheering from the sidelines and looking forward to reading.


  2. Good luck! I’m also participating. I run about 5 blogs but I can never seem to post daily on any of them. These challenges always get me back on track as my blogging gets more inconsistent.


  3. I’m hoping that UBC will keep me on track with a photo project.. I’m incorporating them so it should be a fun challenge!


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