profile pictureI have a guest blogger today, author Sam Cheever. Sam is on a tour with Cozy Mystery Book Reviews And Book Tours for two of her books, Yesterday’s News and Threads of Yesterday. Sam has written 40+ books of romantic suspense and fantasy/paranormal. Her books have won the Dream Realm Award for fantasy, have been nominated and/or won several CAPAs, were nominated for “Best of” with LRC and The Romance Reviews, and have won eCataromance’s Reviewer’s Choice award. She lives on a hobby farm in Indiana with her husband, 13 dogs and 2 horses.

Thank you for joining us Sam.

Thanks so much for having me here today. Whoever I am. No really, since you were nice enough to invite me into your house I feel like I should be honest with you. I don’t really know who I am anymore. If someone walked up to me tomorrow and called me Tom I’d nod and smile, not at all sure they wouldn’t be right.

Why am I so confused, you ask? Well, because I’m an author. Not only do I turn myself into any number of characters on a given day—I’m a man…I’m a woman…I’m a reticulated python—but I also develop these characters as one of several different people.

Depending upon whether you pick up a book by Sam Cheever, Declan Sands, or s.i. decker, you’re gonna get a whole different view of me. And I’m a woman, writing under three aliases that sound like men. Yeesh! It’s a wonder I’m not curled in the fetal position in the corner, drooling on myself.

But let me take it one step further, even under these aliases I write in several different genres. I live in multiple worlds, bounce back and forth between the physical universe and the magical realm. As Sam I write sensual to blazing hot paranormal, romantic suspense, erotic horror, and cozy mystery. As Declan I write GLBT paranormal and romantic suspense/mystery. As s.i. decker I write young adult paranormal.

It’s not possible for one woman to contain so many personalities is it? Will my brain explode? Maybe it already has. How would I know? I started out a hop, skip, and a jump away from full-out crazy and I’ve travelled a ways down that road since then.

My head is spinning. This morning my husband looked at me—my hair falling over crazy eyes, drool tracks on my chin, and wearing a stained t-shirt that reads “weiner mom” —and he asked, “Who are you today?”

I just looked at him, my gaze bouncing manically around the room, and answered, “I was hoping you could tell me.”

But seriously folks…

Blink, blink

Where was I?

Again, thank you so much for being here today, Sam. And I hope everyone will go check out Sam’s two books in the Yesterday Mysteries Series. All of Sam’s links are below.

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Emailcover yesterdays news

Antiques can be a dangerous business. Especially when you’re dealing with a desperate politician, a sexy ex-cop, and a couple of “spirited” companions.

Anna Yesterday owns Yesterday’s Antiques in small town USA. When she finds an old newspaper clipping lining the drawer of an antique dresser, she realizes she’s never heard the horrible story of rape and suicide detailed on the yellowed newsprint. So she starts to dig, and her sleuthing exposes an ugly cover-up that casts the residents of Crocker, Indiana into danger and intrigue, and leaves them with a corpse.

cover threads of yesterdayA deadly secret is tangled up in Yesterday’s Threads, and Anna is racing the clock to get it unraveled.

In 1859, Elisabeth Margaret Nelson traveled to Crocker, Indiana to meet her new husband and start a new life. Her family never saw her again. The story of her death and a heartbroken husband who grieves his entire life is a sad tale for sure. But is it true?

When Anna Yesterday receives some vintage dresses from the local museum, she’s excited about highlighting them at Crocker’s annual Apple Blossom Festival. But someone wants the dresses back, and they’ll apparently stop at nothing to get them—leaving a trail of murder and destruction in their wake.

As Anna and Pratt work to uncover the deadly intrigue behind the vintage dresses, interference of another kind is working its way to the surface. All too soon, Anna and Pratt find themselves neck deep in trouble from more than one dimension—and wondering which will get them first!

Published by Kate Eileen Shannon

Artist, Crafter, Writer, purveyor of ephemera and bagatelle


  1. WONDERFUL post, Sam! Didn’t know you had three names and admire you for keeping it all straight. Well, at least most of the time.:)


    1. It’s funny you should mention your gramma. My gramma’s name was Irene…I think…but she always wanted to be called Betty. So I grew up thinking her name was Betty. I learned eventually that the middle name my parents saddled me with (Irene) was her real name. Of course I’m thinking, why the heck did you give me a name that the first owner wouldn’t even use? But whatever. It gets stranger. When she dies, I go to her funeral and the pastor keeps talking about Jenny. Jenny this, Jenny that. I look around to see if anybody else is confused, thinking, am I at the wrong funeral? Nope. I’m the only one with a blank look on her face. I asked my sister later and she says, “Oh yeah, that’s what the people at her church called her.” blink, blink. How many names did the woman have? LOL Maybe that’s why I’m so fascinated by names to this day. Hmmm, deep moment of personal introspection… #:0)


    1. That would certainly be easier, Holley. But I write vastly different things under the different names so to protect my brand I decided to split my personality up into chunks and deal with the complexity. That way readers know what they’re getting when they buy one of my books. No surprises. #:0)


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