I love cozy mysteries above all other genres when it comes to reading for pleasure. I don’t know why. Up until about 2009 I was a normal cross genre reader. Heck, I love cozy series so much, I wrote one. Well the first is done, the rest are yet to come. I like to go to the Cozy Mystery List and find a good long series and get all the books in the series and read them one after the other. Usually getting the older ones from the library and the newer ones on my Kindle.

Sometimes, the first book is so bad I put it, unfinished, along with the rest of the series, right back in my library bag to return. Luckily, that does not happen too often. As a matter of fact, I have been having such a good run with good series from the library, my new stuff on my Kindle is not getting read. I will have to stop ordering from the library for a while. But there are just so many series out there I haven’t read yet. I resolve that starting soon, I am going to stop ordering from the library and make a dent in the over 1000 books on my Kindle. Some of them are the latest releases in series I have already read and some are new authors with just one or a couple in a series out so far.

Once in a while, a series has some element to it that bugs the hell out of me. Usually that means back in the bag. Once, I kept reading because of what bugged me. I forget the name of the series or the author. But it was about a librarian with a cop boyfriend. That does not narrow it down when it comes to cozies. What bugged me is they never had sex. Now cozies do not push the sex angle. That is part of what makes them cozy. But it is subtly referred to. You know they are doing it. But this series made a point of the fact they weren’t doing it. And it was a looooong series. That poor cop. And the librarian was getting a little long in the tooth. I kept reading just to get to the point where it happened. One day I came to the last book. I looked at the date and said, well there must be more. Checked the library. Checked Amazon. Finally Googled he author. She had died!!! She up and died (and not that old as I recall) leaving behind a very frustrated cop and librarian. Not to mention me!

But what really gets me are the high heels. What is up with cozies and high heels? I admit, I too am guilty. But my main character is based on a real person with a high heel fetish. But they are for dress up, not chasing murderers. And may not ever get mentioned again after the first book. (Because if you have been following me you know my series is really a serial, no repetitive back story.) But we have journalists, detectives, and all sorts of characters who are wearing, admiring and talking about their Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnick shoes throughout the books. I mean aside from the fact they could not afford them in the jobs they hold, how the heck are we to believe they are running after or away from the perp in those heels? Seriously. Gemma Halliday actually has a series called The High Heel Mystery Series. But there are dozens of others out there.

But I love cozies. sigh So I guess I will just have to put up with the high heels.


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