buried in booksMy library has this new thing where you can download a list of your books for the past year. I took out 210 books from the library this past year. Which means I read almost 210 of them. Every now and then I open a book and just can’t stand it, but not that often. I choose carefully, I know what I like. So this got me curious. I checked my Kindle account for the total number of books in my cloud vs the number on my Kindle. I remove after reading to make room for more. This was  a bit more complicated, I had to then check dates as I have had my Kindle for more than a year. But in the past year I have read 110 books on Kindle. Oh my. So now I am counting the physical books in my bookcase that either I bought or authors sent me. This is harder. I count 14 that I bought or was given and have already read but my son “borrows” books and I never see them again. hmmm…. That number is wildly inaccurate, just looking at my Amazon past purchases. Then taking into account the ARCs and the assorted bookstores, which I have no record for… Yikes. I really need to step up my reviewing. At least I can use the library list and give some stars at the very least on Goodreads. And resolve in this next year to blog all my reviews since doing this blog challenge is showing me I can do it every single day (so far anyway). The point is, I am buried under books and if I was as addicted to any other substance as I am to books, they would have me in a clinic.


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  1. And here I thought I read a lot! But I think my experience pales in comparison to yours. Over the years I have had so many books. If I hadn’t moved so much, I would have quite the library myself. I am starting to do more on Kindle – reluctantly – as I am one of those who enjoys an actual book in my hands and the ability to write notes and mark a book up. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I read a book every night. 1) I watch very little TV and 2) I am a very fast reader. So when you look at it that way it isn’t so unusual. I too am a reluctant Kindle reader but you can get lots of free books.


  2. It’s funny that you call it an addiction. When I was younger I would read 1-2 books every day. And I struggled to put them down. Once I had my girls I gave up reading fiction because if I was reading an exciting book I couldn’t put it down to take care of their physical needs! Addiction indeed! Now they are older and I’m older and I read fiction again. But now I try to only pick up a book when I know I have the time. And I try not to read any SUPER good books. Ha! I try to read mediocrity. Easier to put down.


    1. Only read good books, never settle for mediocrity! Of course I am addicted to cozy mysteries at the moment so some would consider that mediocre but I enjoy them and they are fast reads that you can read a whole book in the evening after the kids are in bed, if you don’t watch TV. BTW my married name is Thomas as well (just don’t use it often).


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