A must read post from Tamala Baldwin

I made my opinion known on the Travon Martin issue the other day. Blogger Tamala Baldwin posted “A Letter To White People On Why The Trayvon Martin Case Is Such A Big Deal”. She expresses her frustration but says she feels that her, as a young MBA holding Black woman, expressing her opinion isn’t important enough (I would disagree about that) so she put up a letter she came across from a white person on why this is such a big deal. You should read it.

I have been so tense this entire fracking weekend when I should be celebrating since I am getting ready to start a new show.  I should be singing and dancing while doing laundry and shit because in a few days I’ll be starting a new adventure.  But I have not.  I have felt HEAVY all week.  I have tried to keep away from the media but a minute ago I read someone’s blog in theUltimate Blog Challenge that basically told everyone to focus on things that are more important, like women’s right, gay rights, the environment and sustaining humanity.  It’s like she hit on every issue – that everyone should be protected equally under the law (homosexuals and women) but when it comes to race… read more

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