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Well the tour is done and it was just wonderful! My thanks to Lori Caswell at Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours for all the hard work she does for writers. And I want to thank all the wonderful bloggers who hosted me. A connection to each the blogs can be found below. If you didn’t visit while the tour was ongoing, you can still pay a visit and leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of the book. (You can pick a paperback or a Kindle edition if you prefer that.) I will be announcing five winners here on this blog on Monday, September 9th. I will use the scientific method of collecting all the emails and putting them on slips of paper, putting them in a bowl, and letting my husband pull out five. Price Waterhouse was just too busy 😉 So it is not too late to leave a comment and the more tour stops you leave a comment at, the more slips go in the bowl for you! And while you are at these blogs, sign up to follow them – they are all great resources for readers. AND IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A CHARACTER IN THE NEXT BOOK, MEDITATED MURDER, NAMED AFTER YOU, GO HERE.



Please Welcome Mystery Author Kate Eileen Shannon

We are delighted to welcome mystery author Kate Eileen Shannon to Omnimystery News today, courtesy of Great Escapes Book Tours,

with Kate Eileen Shannon
with Kate Eileen Shannon

which is coordinating her current book tour. We encourage you to visit all of the participating host sites; you can find her schedule here.

Kate’s debut mystery Social Insecurity(CreateSpace; March 2013 trade paperback, and ebook formats) introduces PI Brigid Kildare and we asked Kate to tell us about her new series.

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When is a series not a series? When it is a serial. Let me explain.

I have always been a big fan of mysteries. Cozies in particular. But I always… continue reading


My Review:

I liked Social Insecurity ~ I loved Brigid Kildare…. continue reading


Thank you so much for having me here Yvonne.

My mother is confused about why I wrote a book and why I am writing more of them. It just makes no sense to her why I would do something like this. I guess she sees authors as vague, shadowy sort of people that you don’t… continue reading


Social Insecurity features a protagonist who is the most unusual woman I’ve ever read about. Tiny, missing one leg, lovingly called a dictator by her family, living in a self-built commune with those closest to her, owning homes in Rhode Island, Florida and Ireland, landlord at sixteen, and a big-time winner of the lottery, I found myself shaking my head throughout the book. Brigid Kildare is a character (as my grandma used to say). And by that, I mean that she is funny, hard-working, loving, and just basically interesting… continue reading


I really liked Social Insecurity. Can’t wait for the next one. I can see many ways for that book to go.
This is a cozy mystery new series. I would love that compound to live in. Fun cast of characters, kept me guessing about who the murder is.
This setting is in Rhode Island but it leaves the series able to go anywhere… continue reading


As a decorator, I’m always interested in creative spaces. Tell me about your writing space. What about it inspires you?

Kate: I’m quite a decorator myself. And my home is pretty breathtaking. Except for one room that has become known as ‘Kate’s Kave’. When people are over, my husband would like to have a lock on that room. So of course, I delight in showing it off. As full of light and… continue reading 


Blog Tour With Brigid Kildare by Kate Eileen Shannon

Posted on August 26, 2013

Hi, my name is Brigid Kildare. I’m a PI. Not the Jim Rockford kind, I’m not into car chases and guns and all that. I do… continue reading



This is the first book in the Brigid Kildare Mystery Series, or I should say Serial. There were basically two POVs in this story, Brigid’s and Earl’s.  Brigid is a high energy… continue reading


My strong point is dialogue. My weak point is dialogue – if you don’t like a lot of it. My writing tends to be almost completely dialogue driven. And if two people are… continue reading

must read faster

My Thoughts:

This was a really cute, quick read that kept my attention from the startcontinue reading

a chick who reads

Review: This is the first book in the Brigid Kildare Mystery series. Brigid isn’t your typical PI, she’s disabled. That was something I found interesting as far as characters go. But she didn’t let it hold her down.

This is a quick fun mysterycontinue reading

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