Protagonist VS Author – a different kind of interview & a giveaway – GET A CHARACTER NAMED AFTER YOU!

Well my blog tour has one final stop tomorrow. It has been a fun experience but there is one blog the tour didn’t stop at, this one, my own. Which makes sense of course. I can’t exactly host myself. But I had a request. Seems Brigid Kildare has a few questions for me. So I decided to let her do it right here, today, before the tour ends. And at Brigid’s suggestion, the prize at this stop of my tour is different. One person who comments here today and enters this Rafflecopter giveaway  will have a character named after them in MEDITATED MURDER. There’s no purchase necessary but if you haven’t already read SOCIAL INSECURITY, now would be a great time to order the book. MEDITATED MURDER is just about ready to come out, but thanks to the miracles of ‘Find’ and ‘Replace’, changing a character’s name won’t be difficult to do. I promise you won’t be the killer. Well, unless you want to be. But that is a pretty big role – and depending on who wins I might have to change not just the name but the sex. To get that part you would have to take a solemn oath, written in blood, to buy every book I ever write and give them all five star reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and Goodreads! LOL


KATE: Alright, here we go, shoot Brigid – um wait, I didn’t mean that, you don’t have a gun with you, do you?

BRIGID: It would serve you right if I did. It’s not bad enough you are writing about me and invading my privacy, why did you make me seem so bossy?

KATE: I didn’t do that. I think you were born that way. Besides, I never said it. I just report the facts. I believe your father said it. And maybe a couple of other people.

BRIGID: Report? Facts? You are to reporting facts, what Miley Cyrus is to prudish behavior. Why are you writing about me anyway?

KATE: You’re interesting. You’ve done more than most people twice your age. And I actually like you. Not at this moment, of course. You are being pretty rude to me.

BRIGID: I’m rude? This from the person who crashed my wedding.

KATE: Well it would have been nice if you had invited me.

BRIGID: Well it would also have been nice of you not to put a wedding veil on a cow on the third book cover. If I had known you were going to do that, I would have called the gardaí to haul you out of the reception. Enough bickering. You seem to be stuck to me like a bur. Are you at least going to try to be honest and factual in all the stories?

KATE: Cross my heart. Besides, you are a fine one to talk about honesty. You lie about how tall you are. You say five foot two but you’re only five feet tall.

BRIGID: Really? Let’s keep my height out of this and talk about your honesty. SOCIAL INSECURITY took place in 2011. MEDITATED MURDER and DYING OVER SPILLED MILK took place in 2012. And NOT A RHODE ISLAND CLUE just happened and you aren’t even finished writing about it. But a little birdie told me you are already planning a fifth book, UNSAVORY SUPPER so you have to be just making that all up.

KATE: I have complete confidence that you will get into some mischief and if you don’t, at the very least, you will butt your nose into one of Earl’s cases. Besides, you let out a big secret on Dru’s blog the other day. Which gave me the idea for the title.

BRIGID: Secret? What are you talking about?

KATE: Oh, nothing. Feeling a bit pudgy lately?

BRIGID: Pudgy? Pudgy! First my height, now you are calling me fat? I am NOT fat. And if we are gonna get personal, what about that picture of you with the blond hair? Why don’t you show your gray hair? Huh? You know what, I can’t interview you. I am out of here.

KATE: Well, if that’s how you feel… OW! She didn’t need to slam the door so hard.

Maybe Brigid and I can get together for a civilized interview someday soon. Leave a comment below if you would like to have a character named after you and click on this link: Rafflecopter giveaway. Be sure to leave an email so I can contact you. And Brigid was right about the hair. That’s no secret, I’ve blogged about that. But since she brought it up, I’ll make the big reveal today since I’ve had a month and half to grow it somewhat.


Okay, it’s gray. And curly when it is short. But it won’t be short long – thankfully it grows like a weed. I mean I looked like I was just out of Marine boot camp back on July 11th. Now to get someone to take a decent picture to put up everywhere.

Don’t forget about the real tour, put on by the wonderful Lori at GREAT ESCAPES VIRTUAL BOOK TOURS5 autographed paperback books will be given away across the tour with the entry being simply leaving a comment. You still have time, links are below, the winners will be announced September 9th.

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11 thoughts on “Protagonist VS Author – a different kind of interview & a giveaway – GET A CHARACTER NAMED AFTER YOU!

  1. Great post! Don’t think a character could be named after me because the read would have a hard time trying to pronounce my last name. But then if it is set in RI, maybe it would work 🙂
    Cheryl Masciarelli (Mash1195 at aol dot com)


  2. Hey there, told you I’d try. And you are right about Cheryl, that Italian name IS like that on “the Hill”. I LOVE winning books, and I write really good reviews on GoodReads. I know about hair! Shaved my head in solidarity with that Washington State hairdresser who lost her job after she shaved her head in support of her sister. If you go to FB you can see it. Congrats on the sucess!


    1. Oh you certainly did the full Sinead O’Connor!!! I didn’t mind doing this because I did a full Sinead twice before. This time was more like a buzz cut. It always grows back is how I look at it.


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