Review of LEAVING ANNALISE, last chance at giveaway and a sale!

I just reviewed the first in this series a few days ago. If you missed it, you can read it HERE. Today is the last day to win a copy of LEAVING ANNALISE. To do so, leave a comment below and for more chances to win go HERE. If your comment doesn’t appear right away, never fear, I am at New England Crime Bake so my computer time is limited but I will get to it. Oh! Did I forget to mention – SAVING GRACE is on sale for 99¢ so go grab it now until the 15th. Find my review below.


Pamela Fagan Hutchins is an employment attorney and workplace investigator by day who writes award-winning and best-selling romantic mystery/suspense (Saving Grace, Leaving Annalise) and hilarious nonfiction (How to Screw Up Your Kids, What Kind of Loser Indie Publishes?, and others) by night. She is passionate about great writing and smart authorpreneurship. She also leaps medium-tall buildings in a single bound, if she gets a good running start. If you like Josie Brown or Janet Evanovich for fiction or Erma Bombeck for nonfiction, you’re going to love Pamela. Pamela’s writing wins a lot of contests. Here are a few: 2010 Winner of the Writers League of Texas Romance Contest, 2011 Winner of the Houston Writers Guild Novel Contest, 2012 Winner of USA Best Books Parenting/Divorce, and 2012 Winner of the Houston Writers Guild Ghost Story Contest.


Leaving Annalise picks up the Katie & Annalise series with more romance, hilarity, and thrills.

One unexpected and hotly fought-over little boy, two dead bodies, and a series of home vandalisms throw Texas attorney turned island chanteuse Katie Connell into a tizzy. Juggling all of this, Bloody Mary cravings, baggage, and the bad guys too, she waffles between the jumbie house that brought her back from the brink and the man she believes is the love of her life.


Loved, loved, loved this book! Did I mention I loved the book? LEAVING ANNALISE is not as slapstick funny as SAVING GRACE but it is more action filled and fast paced. Katie is 209 days sober when the book opens. And she is much less self involved. Everybody is back from the first book. But Jacoby dies. Sad. And at one point, Katie puts Annalise on the market. Sad. But Bart and Nick are both on the island. And one of them is the love of Katie’s life. I’m not telling. Katie also finds a toddler in her life. Stressful. Ava and Katie are offered what could be the big break in their singing career. There’s a lot more going on – a custody fight, a kidnapping, a hurricane, perhaps… a wedding. There is also a boat named My Wild Irish Kate. How could I not love his book? This is an outstanding series and I am looking forward to the third book FINDING HARMONY. This is a solid ♥♥♥♥♥



Saving Grace (Katie & Annalise Series)

Leaving Annalise (Katie & Annalise)

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