DAYS OF WINE AND ROQUEFORT by Avery Aames and a fantastic giveaway!!!



DARYL WOOD GERBER aka AVERY AAMES.  As Daryl, she writes the nationally bestselling Cookbook Nook Mystery series. As AVERY, she pens the Agatha Award-winning, nationally bestselling Cheese Shop Mystery series. Daryl’s short stories have been nominated for the Agatha, Anthony, and other awards. Fun tidbit: as an actress, Daryl has appeared in “Murder, She Wrote” and more. Visit Daryl aka Avery at Check out recipes on her blog and friend her on Facebook. Don’t forget to enter today’s contest.  The prize is 4 (yes 4!!!) Cheese Shop Mysteries and the first Cookbook Nook Mystery. To enter, first comment below then go HERE. Now join me in welcoming Avery (or Daryl??).

aa-dwg_portrait_rbI was going to say welcome to Providence, Ohio from Providence, Rhode Island but then I found out yours isn’t real! LOL… Having been an actress you are used to playing many characters so this may not be as much a problem for you as others, but do you ever get confused writing under two names? Autograph a book wrong or just forget who you are supposed to be?

LOL. Yes, I have. I did sign the wrong name one time. It was just as the new Cookbook Nook series took off. I was so used to writing Avery for the Cheese Shop mysteries, and oops! I was also talking at the time. Bad me. So I have to stop talking in order to write. It must be a brain to mouth to hand glitch, right?  However, I have never made a mistake regarding answering to either name. I seem to have a multiple personality when it comes to that

I realize artistic people are frequently talented in multiple fields but actress and writer – have you ever worked in a steady nine to five with a weekly paycheck (or wanted to) and what job was it?

I did work as a legal secretary for a couple of firms, including a personal injury firm and a golf company that did real estate. I also sold real estate, ran a restaurant, catered parties, and typed screenplays for authors.  The 9 to 5 thing really didn’t work for me. I like structure that I create for myself, and I like to be my own boss. No question about that!

Interesting. I too was a legal secretary and a Realtor®. I have also read your previous Cheese Shop Mysteries and love them. Why a cheese shop? Are you something of a cheese expert or do you, like me, just love cheese?

When I started the Cheese Shop Mysteries, I was not a cheese expert. I’m still not. But I have tasted over 3,000 cheeses by now, and I have an excellent cheese maven who helps me with tweaking my selections. Also, I’m a good researcher. J  And I am a cook. I have been all my life.  I love food. I blog on Mystery Lovers Kitchen with other mystery authors who love to cook up crime. We put up recipes every day! By the way, DAYS OF WINE AND ROQUEFORT also features wine. I’ve made it a point to do my research in that regard, too. Lucky me!

Do you know what is coming after DAYS OF WINE AND ROQUEFORT and can you share it with us?

Next up in March is the 2nd in  the Cookbook Nook Mysteries: INHERIT THE WORD. This book features a grilled cheese contest! After that, there’s the 3rd in that series coming out in October: STIRRING THE PLOT. (There’s a witch theme, but it is by no means paranormal.) And then next February, the 6th in the Cheese Shop Mysteries debuts: AS GOUDA AS DEAD. I just finished writing that book, and I’m thrilled with it.

What do you like to do to balance the demands writing places on you?

When I’m not writing, I like to cook, do photography, swim, golf, and play with my dog. My husband and I are doing a bit more travel, too. We both like to golf, and we both like to read. It makes for very pleasant vacations!

Now three things that have nothing to do with writing:

  • What is your favorite food?  Ice cream. Then cheese. Then fruit. Then…
  • What is your favorite TV show? Revenge. I apologize. I know it’s a soap opera, but I’ve been sucked into it. I love the lead character. I feel the pain of her father’s loss. I’ve lost my own.
  • What is your favorite music? I love music I can sing, so I’m always looking for strong female vocals. I enjoy Broadway music, classical music. And right now, while writing my latest book, I’ve been listening to Latin music. I find inspiration from it all.

Thank you so much for being here today, Avery aka Daryl. Is there anything else you would like to tell the readers before you go?

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Cheese Shop owner Charlotte Bessette’s life seems quieter than ever with her fiancé out of town and her cousin Matthew and his children out of the house. But before she can put up her feet and enjoy a glass of chardonnay, Matthew asks her to play host to Noelle Adams, a bright sommelier visiting to help grow business for the local winery.

An affable wine aficionado, Noelle is paired well with the cheese expert Charlotte–but something seems to be troubling the secretive houseguest, and Charlotte’s life is upended when she finds the sparkling woman dead. Between Noelle’s hotheaded ex, the cagey owners of the winery, its jaded manager, and a wily reporter, Charlotte has her pick of suspects, but she needs to act fast–this is a mystery that only gets more dangerous with age.



I was already a fan of this series and that hasn’t changed with DAYS OF WINE AND ROQUEFORT. Well drawn characters that you want to revisit and catch up with. A tightly written mystery that will keep you guessing right up until the end. I highly recommend you add this to your TBR list and if this is a new cozy series for you, go right back to the first one and get caught up! I can’t wait for the next in the series because this was definitely a ♥♥♥♥♥

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12 thoughts on “DAYS OF WINE AND ROQUEFORT by Avery Aames and a fantastic giveaway!!!

  1. This was very interesting. I think I would really forget which name I was using more than one time.


  2. I’ve enjoyed all the cheese shop mysteries and am looking forward to reading the new one. I want to read the Cookbook Nook mysteries also.


  3. What a great interview; I learned a few new things about Avery/Daryl that I had not known or remembered reading before this. Thank you. I would love to be the recipient of the latest book in the Cheese Shop Mystery series. I have read one or two others written by this author, and they are all wonderful. I have another already purchased but just didn’t get to read it yet. I am hoping to get this current book and preorder the next although it will be quite sometime (a year) to wait for it. Guess that says it all; this writer is wonderful and if someone has not read anything by her yet, do yourself a favor and get some of her books.

    Thanks again for the interesting blog post.



  4. I love the Cheese Sop mystery series. Always a great read with tasty recipes. I wasn’t planning on adding another series to the many I read, but now that I know it’s Avery Aames under a pen name, well I guess I’ve added another series. 🙂


  5. Nice to met the artist behind the books
    As into her real life Avery Aames let us look
    After I open a book that she’s written
    I don’t want to put it down – I’m smitten
    with the characters, the fun and the cheese
    This is one reader, she certainly does please!


  6. I love foodie type cozies and cozies that are involved with the book world. Right now I’m actually on a cozy foodie book binge, with no plans to diet soon. How wonderful would it be to win these “cheesy” book that aren’t really cheesy!!


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