julieJulie Seedorf is a Minnesotan. She calls dinner, supper, and lunch, dinner. She has had many careers over her life time but her favorite career was that as mother to her children. In later life she became a computer technician, opening her own business. In 2012 Julie signed a contract with Cozy Cat Press. Julie writes a column for southern Minnesota area newspapers called “Something About Nothing. “Granny Hooks A Crook” her first Cozy Mystery for Cozy Press takes place in the fictional town of Fuchsia, Minnesota. The Fuchsia Minnesota Series and other writings such as her children’s book “Whatchamacallit, Thingamajig” follow her theory that we all take ourselves too seriously and we need to have a little fun. Her second book, Granny Skewers A Scoundrel, highlights the fact that in the midst of life we have to find the humor in bad situations to keep us going. Julie secretly yearns to be like the Granny characters in her books. Visit her website at Her blog Sprinkled Notes is a little scattered like Granny but lends itself to wisdom and occasional flip flops about life. Follow her on twitter @julieseedorf. Learn more about her books.

granny scoundrelSYNOPSIS

  • Print Length: 227 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1939816386
  • Publisher: Cozy Cat Press (March 20, 2014)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00J5MYD84

Granny has a new addition to her arsenal of crime fighting weapons as Fuchsia, Minnesota’s most colorful detective. Now, along with her famous crook-hooking umbrella, she’s acquired a scoundrel-skewering knitting needle. And just in time! Residents of Fuchsia seem to be dropping dead like flies! First, it’s Granny’s neighbor Sally (who gives up the ghost in her weed-filled front yard), followed by Esmeralda Periwinkle (the squirrel lover on Main Street), and then, Mr. Nail, owner of the local hardware store (who is squashed when dozens of bags of fertilizer fall on top of him). Granny is baffled. Who is behind this murder spree?

Granny enlists the help of her sort of boyfriend franklin Gatsby, the town’s police chief Cornelius Stricknine (or “The Big Guy”), her reality-show loving neighbor Mavis, and her own son Thor. And, of course, the special assistance of her menagerie of pets — including Mr. Bleaty, the goat. Soon Granny is hot on the trail of this dastardly murderer. Unfortunately, when Granny herself is poisoned, everyone insists that she cool her crime solving ways and stay indoors and out of harms way. Of course, that’s never going to happen! Not when Granny knows all the secret passageways and tunnels that run underneath Fuchsia. Out she goes–and watch out, you evil doers! Granny will solve this mystery–you can bet your pink undies, she will!


Granny… Granny is… Well, Granny is different. I can just see a classroom full of college students analyzing Granny. (Which would have Granny in stitches!) 1) Granny is elderly and halfway senile but still enough there to let her be on her own and handle minor tasks – which is why her sleuthing would not sit well with her children. 2) Granny is actually a fifty something hot mama who disguises herself as an elderly grandmother to fight crime. Excuse me, that ‘fight crime’ had me guffawing all over the place, as it would Granny, I am sure. Kinda makes me picture Granny in tights and a cape. I call this series Lemony Snicket for adults. (Of course I read Lemony Snicket even though I profess to be an adult.) Start with the first book, Granny Hooks A Crook (Fuchsia, Minnesota Book 1), so you have a real feel for the town and all the characters. Then it is on to Granny Skewers A Scoundrel (Fuchsia, Minnesota Book 2) which will leave you floored when you discover who the villain is. So if you still have a sense of whimsy about you and you love a bit of slightly silly fun, with a well structured mystery at the core, it is time to take a trip to Fuchsia, Minnesota and meet Granny. These reads are ♥♥♥♥♥



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