I picked up SIZE 12 AND READY TO ROCK by Meg Cabot because it was on the ‘new mysteries’ shelf at the library. It is the latest Heather Wells Mystery and I haven’t read the previous ones. It does, however, work as a stand alone. Heather, age thirty, is a former teen pop star who is working at a college residence hall. She is secretly engaged to PI Cooper Cartwright who is the brother of her ex-boyfriend Jordan. Jordan is now married to pop star Tania Trace. Jordan and Tania are doing a reality show about their life which is on the network owned by Grant Cartwright, father of Jordan and Cooper. When Tania’s bodyguard is shot, Grant hires Cooper to protect her. Tania is terrified and decides the only person she trusts is Heather and she confides a secret. Because of that and because the Tania Trace rock camp for teenage girls is being housed in her residence hall, Heather starts investigating. The situation escalates and a producer on the show is murdered and eventually Tania’s secret has to come out. I liked the book. But I kept feeling I would have liked it better when I was a teenager. I looked up the author and it turns out she does write YA books, but this isn’t one of them. But it was a quick, enjoyable read, probably perfect for a day at the beach. ♥♥♥

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