One of the best things about 2012, reading wise, was discovering Cleo Coyle (pen name for author Alice Alfonsi, who collaborates with her husband Marc Cerasini to write the Coffeehouse Mysteries). I fell in love with the Coffeehouse Mysteries. I also became a serious coffee addict (life long tea drinker) thanks to her incredible descriptions of the coffees, the beans, the blends, etc. I had to go out and buy a French Press and a grinder for the beans. If you have not read any of the series, start at the beginning. The wonderful characters grow with each book. If you are already a fan, you don’t need me to tell you HOLIDAY BUZZ is first rate. Clare Cosi returns with her merry band of baristas, boyfriend Detective Mike Quinn, mother-in-law, ex-husband, our favorite cops, friends and some new characters who might be making appearances in future books if history is any indication (like ex-heavy metal rocker Dave). In this outing, Claire has to find the killer of two bakers at two holiday charity cookie swaps. A new, temporary, detective has the squad looking in all the wrong places. Eventually, Clair and Tucker become targets just when they think they have it all solved. These books are very well written, have well developed characters, a little humor, a little romance, and the recipes in the back are to die for. You can also find the recipes here: There is also a haunted bookstore series written under the name Alice Kimberly which I have just ordered.  ♥♥♥♥♥+ + +

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