Get off the damn phone and drive the car!

I’m sad today. My car was hit yesterday. I’m okay. I think. I was a bit discombobulated, woozy, when I got home yesterday. My

Moby getting a bath
Moby getting a bath

eyeballs felt like someone had been juggling them. But I had whiplash once before and it didn’t feel like that. I didn’t go to the doctor but I was a bit concerned. I stayed dressed when I went to sleep last night just in case I had to go to the emergency room. Today I am just very, very tired. Tiny headache comes and goes. I happen to have a doctor’s appointment Saturday so unless I feel worse before then, I’ll just get checked out Saturday. I think I’m just sad, depressed, because I really loved my car. I have a 1997 SAAB convertible – the last acceptable year for them although I have my eye out for a 1994 (British racing green with saddle interior and top, low miles) or earlier which is better if you are a SAAB nut. There is a 1988 red one with low miles on ebay. Reds not so bad. I got rid of a new car to get my SAAB who I named Moby after a sailboat. This is all because some young girl was on a cell phone. I hate to say it, but the girls are worse than the boys. My son always says that and I hate to agree but he’s right. (I’ve checked statistics and some show males, some show females but my four_to_three_road_diet (1)observation on the road leans toward females.) I was heading east and she pulled out of someplace to head west. But instead of straightening the wheel when she got to her lane, she’s so busy talking, she keeps the wheel turned and essentially does a u-turn right into me. Hard. My rear bumper went flying down the road and the rear quarter needs to be fixed. The cop didn’t understand what we were trying to explain to him and had me draw it. He’s probably still shaking his head. In the one funny thing about it, the cop locked his keys in his cruiser and another cop had to come out with a key. Poor guy won’t live that down soon. He told me that’s the second time he has done that. My son and the insurance guy both think it will be declared totaled. I don’t want a check. I just want my car. Of course I can take the check and buy the car

hmmmmm.... should I?
hmmmmm…. should I?

back for only $300. But then do I have to go through a hassle with the DMV and will they insure it again? Things I have to look into but just not in the mood today. Or do I want to go to New York for the 1988 and will I even win the bid? I could take the check, buy the car back and get my son to put the bumper back on. I could live with the rear quarter and just keep watching ebay for the right car. But I’ll think about that tomorrow. Meanwhile, all of you, get off the damn phones and drive your cars!


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4 thoughts on “Get off the damn phone and drive the car!

  1. Not answering the phone, texting and making calls is NOT hard to avoid while driving. I’ve had my license since January, and I refuse to answer the phone while driving. I’m sorry that girl ran into your car. if you lived here, getting Saab parts would be a lot easier…


  2. I have a hard time walking and talking on the phone, letting alone driving and using the phone at the same time! It does seem to be young girls that do the whole texting and driving thing more than anyone else, and it’s sad. No matter how many times they see the ads showing what happens, they still do it.


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