A shocking admission

Okay. I write books and I write about books on this blog. So how could I not write about what is sure to be the blockbuster of the year? Now that Johnny Depp has admitted to it…

I guess  can admit it too. For some strange reason, I am a fan of that little brat, Honey Boo Boo. Now it is not like I plan to buy the book. And my library, in what I consider a shocking omission, does not carry it. And I will never watch the show. Again. But I have. I had to know what people were on about. There was a Honey Boo Boo marathon on one day. I recorded it. It sat on my DVR for a long time until one day when I was sick with the flu this past winter and I was too sick to write or even read. I watched an entire season. In one back to back sitting. Johnny Depp has it right. Mesmerizing.  I was mesmerized. Of course on some levels this is not all that surprising. I had a Honey Boo Boo of my own. There was a shop in New Port Richey, FL that carried those dresses little girls wear in those pageants. I was once Little Miss Cinderella and my daughter, Brigid, saw my certificate. Yeah. I saved it. What’s the big deal? I was also the picture on a local brand of milk. I had enormous eyes when I was little. I was cute. My mother got free stuff. I thank God there was no reality TV in those days now that I think about it. But my daughter wanted to be in pageants.  How do you tell a six year old that even if she is the prettiest little girl in the pageant, she will never win. Because she had an artificial leg. Sure today she would win even if she didn’t deserve to because people would be falling all over themselves with political correctness. But back then? Then one day my sister bought Brigid this incredible emerald green, velvet and taffeta pageant dress. No more talk of pageants. It was all about the dress. She wore that damn dress to the grocery store even. But once again, glad there were no reality shows back then because if Brigid had seen the actual pageants and Honey Boo Boo, my life would have been unbearable. Because there is a resemblance. And even without being made up, Brigid could have beaten her on looks (IMHO) and her hair? 100% Natural. Color and curls.

hbb and b copy

Looking at the pictures, you can see why I had some curiosity about HBB and the show. But there is another reason I was curious. Mama June. I have a lot of respect for the woman. She knows who she is. She knows people laugh at her. She hasn’t let this go to her head. She has put money away for the future, she knows this will end, but she’ll ride this wave as long as she can. She’s done a lot with very little. Good for her. I do wish she would make HBB eat better before she develops diabetes. Maybe they could make that part of the show. But there is another reason I am fascinated. June’s last name is Shannon. Now you probably think that is common in Ireland, like Smith, due to the Shannon River. But it isn’t. Not at all. Pretty rare actually. And virtually all of them came from the same region originally. Plus her best friend’s last name, I learned in my marathon viewing, is Hannon. Um… My first cousin (on the Shannon side) is married to a Hannon. From the same village. Where all the Shannons and Hannons are from. Did a Shannon family and a Hannon family emigrate to Georgia? That’s all I need. To turn on the TV and see that genealogy show is going to trace June’s roots. Because…

kate june

At the same age, there was a bit of a resemblance.  The mouth, the nose, the eyes… she didn’t have them open wide like I always tried to but she was probably having the start of her eye problems around that time. I just found out today she is legally blind. Hence the squinting and not driving. But yet another reason to respect what she has done. And she has fun. Of course I don’t want to hear about any big Shannon family reunions…

Anyway, the secret is out. I’m a fan. If Johnny Depp can admit it so can I. And they’ve got a book. Buy it. I’m sure it will be lots of fun.

hbb cover

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